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2017-05-19Bush Babe Camp: Magaliesberg
2016-03-12Bush Camp: X-Tribe
2014-03-29AGM: Sanglen community hall, Faerie Glen
2013-07-06The World Record Orphan Tug of War!: Marks Park Sports Grounds, Emmarentia, Johannesburg
2013-06-22SOAPkidz Girls Camp: Groenkloof, Pretoria
2013-04-02Environmental Education Camp: Bushpigs, Limpopo
2012-05-19Environmental Education Day : Irene Middle School and Smuts House
2012-04-21Cleaning the Crocodile river: Crocodile river
2012-04-01TuT Orienteering: Tshwane University of Technology
2012-03-24SOAPkidz Adventure Day: Pelindaba
2012-02-26Eco-Mountaineering: Grootkloof
2012-01-14Deweeding: Castle Gorge (Malagiesberg)
2011-10-08Mini Adventure Day: Pelindaba
2011-09-17Environmental education day : Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre, Mamelodi
2011-08-27Organ Donor Walk - Geocaching : Pretoria Botanical Gardens
2011-08-07Eco-Orienteering: Doornpoort Nature Reserve
2011-07-24Eco-Mountaineering : Tonquani, Magaliesberg
2011-07-09Eco-Orienteering : Stirrup Glyn
2011-04-22SOAPkidz 5 Challenge: Injasuthi - Drakensberg
2011-03-26Earth Hour - Grootkloof: Magaliesberg
2011-03-26Kidz in Nature: Renosterspruit Conservancy
2011-02-27Eco-Orienteering: Pretoria Zoo
2010-10-30Overnight Hike: Magaliesberg
2010-10-09Overnight at the zoo: Pretoria Zoo
2010-09-25Kidz in Nature Outing: Renosterspruit Conservancy
2010-09-11Environmental Education Day: Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre, Mamelodi
2010-08-14Hiking - Organ Donor Walk: Botanical Garden, Pretoria
2010-06-26Climbing with MCSA: Magaliesberg
2010-05-15Geocashing : Fearie Glen Nature Reserve
2010-04-16Adventure weekend: Stirrup Glen
2010-03-20Volunteer weekend: Outer lodge near Hartebeespoort Dam
2010-02-20Educational day at the Zoo: Pretoria Zoo
2010-02-14SOAPkidz, CAFCA & MASCA: Mamelodi Old Age Home
2010-02-06SOAPkidz Geocaching Adventure : Faerie Glen Nature Reserve
2010-01-23Pompom De-weeding and Tree Planting Adventure: Rhino Park (Bronkhorstspruit)
2009-11-07Hiking & Bouldering: Tonquani, Magaliesberg
2009-10-31Teachers training workshops: Carousel
2009-09-19Moreletaspruit Environmental Education Day: Moreletaspruit Clean-up
2009-09-05Green Market Day: Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve
2009-08-30Orienteering : Doornpoort
2009-07-11The Mexican Devil: Dome Pools
2009-06-16African Child Day: Hammanskraal
2009-05-24Climbing: Mhlabatini
2009-05-09Game Drive: Rietvleidam
2009-04-17Survival Camp: Stirrup Glen
2009-03-28Earth Hour: Faerie Glen Nature Reserve/209 Amos Street
2009-03-15Fun day learning about re-using & planting: Epworth Childrenís home in Germiston
2009-03-07Deweeding/hiking/kloofing: Kranskloof
2009-02-27Volunteer Getaway: Hakuna Matata
2009-02-14Hiking: Faerie Glen Nature Reserve
2008-12-06Festive Tree: Bright Water Commons in Randburg
2008-11-29Dome Pools De-weeding: Magaliesberg
2008-10-18Teachers Training Workshop IV: Hammanskraal
2008-10-04Teachers Training Workshop III: Hammanskraal
2008-09-20World Clean-Up Day: Moreleta Spruit, Pretoria
2008-09-20Mathetomusha Environmental Education Day: Mathetomusha Nature Reserve, Nelspruit
2008-09-06Toddlers at the Pioneer Museum: Pioneer Museum, Pretoria
2008-08-22Hiking - OLYMPIC FRIENDSHIP AND PEACE INITIATIVE: Highest Peak in Magaliesberg
2008-07-27Orienteering: Doornpoort, Pta
2008-06-16African Child Day: Hammanskraal
2008-05-18Energy Expo: St Martinís-in-the-Veld, Jhb
2008-05-17TUT Environmental event: Tswane University of Technology
2008-05-10Eco Adventure Day: Groenkloof NR
2008-04-11Teachers Training Workshop II: Hammanskraal
2008-03-30Orienteering: Johannesburg Zoo
2008-02-09Hakuna Matata: Volunteers teambuilding weekend: Parys
2008-02-09Teachers Training Workshop I: Hammanskraal
2008-02-02Pom Pom Deweeding: Rhino Park
2007-12-07Bush Babes Camp: Roodeplaat Dam NR
2007-11-30Bush Bro Camp: Roodeplaat Dam NR
2007-10-27Sailing: Rietvlei dam
2007-09-29Rock Climbing: Bronkhorstspruit
2007-09-22Environmental education weekend: Mafikeng
2007-09-08Moreleta Spruit clean-up: Moreleta Spruit
2007-06-16African Child Day: Hammanskraal
2007-05-19Adventure Day: Groenkloof NR
2007-05-12Fun Day: Melville Koppies
2007-05-05Kim Shield Scout Event: Stirrup Glen
2007-04-27Bush Hiking Camp: Barokalala NR
2007-03-31Bush Babes Camp: Roodeplaat Dam NR
2007-03-17Water Testing / Camping: Magaliesberg
2007-03-03Fun day: Mamelodi
2007-02-25Fun Run/Hike: Vereeniging
2007-02-24Toddlers Outing: Pioneer Museum
2006-11-04Adventure Day: Groenkloof
2006-10-28Hiking: Faerie Glen
2006-10-14Birding: Cullinan
2006-09-29Bush Bro Camp: Roodeplaat Dam NR
2006-08-26Organ Donor Walk: Pretoria
2006-07-06Bush Babes Camp: Roodeplaat Dam NR
2006-06-10Orienteering: Pelindaba
2006-05-21Orienteering: Mohala's Farm
2006-05-06Kim Shield Adv Race: Roodeplaat Dam NR
2006-04-08Adventure Hike: Groenkloof
2006-03-24Night Hike: Irene
2006-03-05Hiking: Groenkloof
2006-03-04Fun Run/Walk: Fountainbleau
2006-02-17Rugby: Loftus
2006-02-15Climbing: Mt Kenya
2006-02-05Hiking & Scorpions: Kloof en Dal
2006-01-28Hiking: Fairie Glen
2005-12-10Bush Babe Camp: Groenkloof
2005-11-26Deweeding: Marelatwane
2005-09-16Hiking: Middelburg
2005-09-11Orienteering: Kliprivier
2005-08-27Overnight hike: Fernkloof
2005-08-12Bundu Camp: Pretoria
2005-07-31Orienteering: Eersterus
2005-07-23Deweeding: Dome Pools
2005-07-17Orienteering: Stirrup Glen
2005-07-03Orienteering: Delta Park
2005-05-21Hiking/Camping: Magaliesberg
2005-05-07Horse riding: Stirrup Glen
2005-04-17Hiking: Windy Brow