Since April 2005, SOAPkidz has empowered 13451 vulnerable children and 4632 volunteers by connecting them to nature where they experienced love and personal growth.

As non-profit organisation, we aim to create environmental awareness and promote nature conservation amongst underprivileged and abused children.


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Make musical instruments, toys, gifts and decorations using litter / Start your own vegetable garden...and many more

Our mission is to expose children to natural environments, where the breath of God on their skin, will fill them with awareness, passion, laughter, trust, compassion, love, acceptance, freedom and companionship.

With the help of the various outdoor activity groups - mountaineering, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking and orienteering clubs, as well as volunteers who help out with supervision, we teach these children about: NATURE, THE PRESERVATION THEREOF, SELF PRESERVATION, LIFE, FRIENDSHIP, FIRST AID, PREVENTION & LIVING WITH HIV & AIDS, TRUST, LOYALTY, COURAGE, COMMUNICATION, TEAM WORK, BUSINESS, MARKETING & SOCIAL SKILLS ETC.

Every activity incorporates ‘ENVIRONMENTAL CLEAN UP PROJECTS’ with a prize for the team who collects the most litter.

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"Meeting these kids was great,The hikes had spectatcular views.The seating of this camp strips away all the need to use technology"


"I enjoyed mountain clibing by Alan and shooting balloons and having fun with Sir Bongani and Sagaree but we call he sugars. We love the we injoyed as many things we had in the camp."


"I enjoy here is so amazing CAMP3 we play together"