The Vision:

SOAPkidz creates a better Africa by positively impacting on the lives of vulnerable children and the environments in which they live.

Where it all started... and where it is going:

In November 2003 Karen Hauptfleisch attended a "life purpose" course in the Magaliesberg, South Africa. While the rest of the group were busy making plans building their children homes, she was talking to the birds. She couldn't see herself working with children. She had a vision of bleeding mountains. When it was her turn to inform the group of her future plans she got up on the stage and told them that they should hurry up with their children's homes and then she would come and take their children to go and clean the mountains.

In September 2004 she met Tilly and Richard on the Otter hiking trail. They were house parents for a children's home. Richard asked her to take his children to the mountains and she agreed. But first, she wanted to attend a childminding course or two. Having only one son of her own, she didn't think she would be able to deal with the children.

In March 2005 she phoned Richard by mistake. His first words were: "Are you taking my children to the mountains?". She told him that she was on her way to Malawi, and that she would contact him when she got back. When she dialled his number by accident 5 minutes later she knew God was forcefully reminding her of her purpose in life.

The 17th of April 2005 she took Richard's children to Windy Brow. Everything that could go wrong before the time did so, but..........

God works in mysterious ways and the day turned out to be more than fantastic. The children loved it...

More people hopped onboard and as they say: "The rest is history".

Since then, our vision of SOAPkidz has expanded to establishing other SOAPkidz organisations throughout Africa. The ultimate challenge is climbing the highest mountain peaks found on the African continent, hence the appropriately named acronym SOAP, 'Sunrise on Africa's Peaks'.

We still need lots more help, so ... don't hesitate if you feel you are also called by reading this today... THE CHILDREN NEED YOU!!!