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Outreach meet: Rock climbing At Bronkhorstspruit

Peglerae - March 2008 Newsletter - The Mountain Club of South Africa,

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Danie van Zyl, our sectionís committee member for climbing received thanks from the organisers of SOAPkidz. He assisted in introducing rock climbing to a group of 12 underprivileged boys from the local community.

With equipment provided by our Section and under the expert guidance of Danie the boys were kitted out with climbing harnesses and helmets and given a lecture on safety and the rudiments of rock climbing.

The boys then started their climbing on an easy grade 11 rock face which the boys with their natural agility and strength successfully managed. Initially for most of the boys the difficult part was getting down as they found it difficult to lean away from the rock face and place their trust in the rope and belay. As the day continued they attempted progressively more difficult climbs. For the boys it was a day to remember for ever.