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Green Tip of the Day: Look around yourself and become involved

How about taking forty kids from the community, giving each one a tree, letting them plant and identify the tree as their very own and have the intention to bring the kids back many times to this site to care for the trees. We did this last month and also last September when we had 150 kids doing a 10km hike and cleaning up the Moreletta spruit. Over the past four years we have undertaken more than 50 similar projects, each project involving children, nature and a cleanup.

Look around yourself and become involved - identify areas that need cleaning (streets, parks, water courses) identify people that can help (youth groups, church groups, schools, friends and family) and also look to local businesses for assistance. Plan a fun event (competition for the most litter collected, most birds/trees identified or most creative idea for re-using litter).

Guest: “Nouksie” Karen Hauptfleisch, Founder of SOAPkidz. SOAPkidz is a non-profit organisation that aims to create environmental awareness and promote nature conservation amongst underprivileged and abused children.