Our Mission and Objectives

A person's outlook on life is generally based on their upbringing and what they are taught at home. A lot of children are not privileged to come from a happy and fulfilled childhood and therefore their outlook is somewhat distorted, from where they become adults who have a warped sense of life.

Those who care enough about the future generation can help these children. We might not make a big impact on their lives but by doing small things and teaching them the basics of life skills through various activities we can help them realise that there is a better world out there and that life is not just problems, screaming, shouting and fighting.

SOAPkidz is a non-profit organisation and our aim is to create environmental awareness, promote nature conservation, teach life skills, while doing fun activities amongst the underprivileged, abused and neglected children.

Our Purpose: We empower the vulnerable children of Africa by connecting them to nature where they experience love and personal growth

Outings range from MOUNTAINEERING, CANOEING, MOUNTAIN BIKING, HIKING AND ORIENTEERING CLUBS and the duration vary between half a day, a full day or it may span an entire weekend, and during school holidays we have holiday camps lasting 4 to 5 days. Every activity incorporates '"ENVIRONMENTAL CLEAN-UP PROJECTS" with a prize for the team who collects the most litter.

By participating the children not only learn how to do a particular activity (e.g. mountain climbing), but also practice the following skills:

  • Perseverance ;
  • Teamwork and supporting each other;
  • Decision making in any given situation;
  • Navigation, map reading, using a compass and calculating distances;
  • The importance of nutrition and how to cook over an open fire;
  • Leadership and delegation;
  • Communication;
  • Setting goals and solving problems;

The children also have the opportunity to learn...

  • more about themselves and about what they can accomplish;
  • about nature and the environment;
  • to trust and respect themselves and therefore have more confidence in themselves;
  • to respect others and the environment;
  • the consequences of their actions and the effects on others people;
  • that just because life has treated them badly, they are just as good as everybody else and that they can be whatever they want to be, if they want it badly enough and if they are prepared to work at it;
  • that we all have decisions to make in life and that we have to live with those decisions and therefore it is important to make sure that we make the right decision.

We believe that all adults can make a small contribution to a child's life. We believe that by just showing them that you care enough about them, to teach them something, you are already showing them that they are worth something, and that alone is a step in the right direction.

In order for us to steer these children in the right direction and thereby having a future generation of happy, healthy adults, we need your help.