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By Theodor Petzold

On the 16th of June 2008, 1700 toddlers, their teachers, parents and at least 120 volunteers arrived at the Carousel Casino’s soccer fields to celebrate Youth Day. A day full of entertainment awaited them as they arrived in buses, taxis and their own vehicles. Karen Hauptfleisch and her SOAPkidz volunteers welcomed every one upon arrival and efficiently ushered each Day Care Centre to their designated position.

A feast of entertainment lay ahead for the day. The program started with singing and dancing to create the atmosphere and build excitement amongst the children. During the day the toddlers were entertained with balloon games, jumping castle, and traditional singing and dancing. They also had the opportunity to make binoculars, musical instruments, hats and play ten pin bowling using material that would normally be thrown away. These events were designed to demonstrate to the teachers how to re-use litter and to create environmental awareness amongst children and teachers alike.

In preparation for the day each school had practiced the SOAPkidz “Litter Song” and had the opportunity to present their interpretation of the song to, the guest of honour and world renown jazz musician, Mr Moss Mogale.

Johan Smit and his team from the to care foundation worked like crazy to provide food and drink for the mass of people. After lunch a Ratel armoured personnel carrier from the South African Defence Force and a fire engine from the Tshwane Metropolitan Council were introduced to the children for their inspection. Much fun was had when some children even had the opportunity to go for a ride in the vehicles.

A visit to the mobile Pretoria Zoo had children, teachers and parents amazed at the wonders of the environment and they all left with an appreciation that it must be cherished and cared for. The day drew to a close with a demonstration of police dogs in action. Who could forget the padded “bad guy” being dragged to ground by the dogs?

Finally prize giving took place. The best environmental poster and rendition of the SOAPkidz “Litter Song” were awarded prizes. Mr Moss Mogale did the judging of the “Litter Song” competition and awarded the prize of an outing to the Pioneer Museum to the Day Care Centre whose performance was the best. He then proceeded to lead the entire assembly in a massed singing of the song.

At the end of the day Johan Smit, the CEO of the to care foundation, was happy because the children under his care had been provided with a great treat and Karen from SOAPkidz was smiling as her mission to clean up the world had taken another important step forward.

This event was made possible by the to care foundation, through and for their partner organisation AIM. Thank you to everybody who was involved in making this day great!


African Child Day - program information

Date: 16 June 2008
Venue: Carousel Casino Soccer field (See directions below)
Time: 8 till late
Contact person: Karen (Noeksie) 0839752700

About the day:

SOAPkidz have been invited by the To Care foundation and the Hammanskraal Umbrella organisation to present fun environmental activities for 2000 children from 41 Day Care Centres on the 16th of June at the Carousel Casino’s Soccer Field.


On three previous workshops held in Hammanskraal SOAPkidz taught the teachers of the Day Care Centres to make music instruments and other funky toys by re-using litter. They were also taught the SOAPkidz Litter Song in order for them to teach their children the same.


  1. At the Carousel every Day Care Centre is going to perform the SOAPkidz litter song, playing the music instruments they have made.
  2. Moss Mogale, the famous jazz musician, will sit in as the judge and the winning school will be taken to the Pioneer Museum the 20th of September.
  3. Also on the day, in an event sponsored by Pick ’n Pay Faerie Glen, environmental posters every Day Care Centre had to make in the preceding 3 months, will be judged.
  4. Other activities will include the making of binoculars, more music instruments, hats and other items - all true to SOAPkidz nature, these items will be made with things we normally throw away.
  5. The grand finale will be the massed singing of the SOAPkidz litter song (below) under the guidance of Moss Mogale.


A wee yeele yee lele mama (x2)
A re tope dipampiri (x2)
A re tope diplastiki (x2)
Modimo o refile bophelo(x2)
Re tshwanetse re itlhomphe(x2)

Loosely translated:
Respect yourself, respect what God gave us! Stop littering and have some fun :-)

Volunteer responsibilities:

The volunteers will be briefed in the beginning of the day of the positions that need to be filled. This will range mainly from

  • organising the kids into groups as they arrive;
  • joining up with a group and rotating between activities with them (as guardians) during the day (the kids will also be accompanied by their teachers);
  • presenting activities - very simple fun stuff;
  • and most of all HAVING FUN!


A Funky hat, snacks and your sense of humour.

Lunch and the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life.


Take N1 north towards Pretoria (Tshwane) Remain on N1 north
Bakwena toll road - Polokwane (Pietersburg) highway en route to Bela-Bela (Warmbaths).
Pass Stormvoel, Zambesi, Pumulani, Wallmannsthal, Murryhill and Hammanskraal off ramps.
The next off ramp is the Carousel off ramp.
Don’t enter the Carousel.
Take service road at exit of the Carousel which leads to soccer fields on the southern (Pretoria) side of the carousel. The venue is on the soccer fields.


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