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Lets walk the walk

By Elsje Eloff

On Saturday, 18 August, the Organ Donor Foundation, organized the Jacaranda Organ Donor Fun Walk, at Groenkloof Campus, University of Pretoria as part of their awareness campaign for August - Organ Donor Month.

The SOAPkidz attended to show their support, as well as enjoy the day with children who are less fortunate. At 8am a group of enthusiastic volunteers arrived, geared with sunscreen and water bottles, to welcome kids from two children’s homes in Pretoria.

The first group of children arrived early and was entertained with various games while waiting for the second group. As the second group arrived, the kids were divided into teams of 3 to 5 per volunteer and armed with rubbish bags, to see who can collect the most litter for the day. The kids were also given Organ Donor T-shirts and caps as memorabilia. At 9 am, the walk started and the teams took off with great speed, eager to find any litter first, before anyone else. Members of the public, who participated in the walk, eagerly gave all of their litter to the little ones with their yellow caps.

There were also alphabet letters hidden along the way, for the kids to spot. This, they had to remember, to arrange and form a phrase, after the completion of the walk. Most teams were so eager to win, that they opted to complete the walk for a second time, in case any litter, or letters, were missed. Others wandered off the path into ditches and streams, to fill their bags with more “elusive” litter.

After the walk, we had lunch and the children could take a ride in a Netcare 911 Ambulance, sirens a-blazing to their amusement, across the field. The Children were then entertained by volunteers from Media 24, participating in games involving gumboots, water, rugby balls and all kinds of interesting things.

The day ended with a short speech on what organ donation was all about and a prize giving for the teams who picked up the most litter, and worked together the best. All together, 46 children and 15 volunteers picked up 25 bags of litter, got some good exercise and enjoyed a fun day in the sun. Another successful event for the SOAPkidz as well as the Organ Donation Fund!

We look forward to attending next year’s walk, with even more kids from children’s homes and volunteers to come and enjoy the day.