Kim Shield Scout Event


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Kim Shield annual Scout event

By Sharron Reynolds

The Kim Shield is an annual Scout event where all the different scout groups compete against one another “by” navigation and teamwork. We were once again privileged to be invited to take 60 boys to join this competitive event.

Friday arrived, freezing cold, a typical winter afternoon, 52 excited boys from Danville were dropped off at Stirrup Glen, and we rushed off to Epworth to pick up the rest of the boys. When we arrived we discovered there had been a misunderstanding and no one was waiting for us as they were expecting us to pick them up the following weekend, however it only took 10 minutes for the 8 boys to get packed and settled into transport - record time even for boys! Jaco, one of the boys remarked that he had prayed for some "action" the weekend so the opportunity to join us was like a prayer answered!

That evening the 60 SOAPkidz were divided into teams and during the first events they were given the opportunity to get to know each other. The SOAPkidz settled in very quickly and were so enthusiastic that a few volunteers were left behind in the excitement. Some of the events they participated in were: Stokbrood, paintball, how to use a GPS and spoor tracking, with lots of walking in between. Stirrup Glen is a 300ha horse and game farm and each event was set up in a different area of the farm.

Each team had to wear something to identify themselves and pretty soon our Kidz had badges made from things they picked up in nature. The kids did great and surprised the hardened scouts by coming in 3rd and 11th! These kids met each other for the first time the previous night – and here they were teaching both us and the well trained scouts about teamwork! Go Boys Go! It always amazes me that we can go to a park, private game farm where we are not expecting to find litter and yet they still managed to find enough litter to fill 15 bags! And all of this while having a huge amount of fun and learning a great deal from the various scout masters.

New friendships and strong bonds had been formed in just 2 days, the kidz were sad to say goodbye to each other and to the volunteers who had mentored them provided them with full tummies and generally been there to support them.

Luckily there’s the 2008 Kim Shield and other SOAPkidz events to look forward to!

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