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Adventure Day at Groenkloof Nature Reserve

By Elsje Eloff

On Saturday 4 November, the SOAPkidz (Sunrise on Africa’s Peaks Kidz) team together with 60 children from various children’s homes headed out on a mission for nature to Groenkloof Nature Reserve.

Since the preservation of nature is something that lies very dear to each and every person involved with SOAPkidz, a non-profit organization, some of the skills the children learned were

  • How to navigate
  • How to identify birds
  • How to recycle
  • Practical First Aid

They were also taught that they can add value to this world, along with loving themselves, accepting others, and practicing leadership. They were ccompanied by volunteers who enjoy the fun and “clean up” in nature with them, away from the “rat race” of the city.

There was a lot of hiking while picking up litter in the veldt. Once again, this was another successful SOAPkidz event, leaving everybody involved with tired bodies and smiles on their faces.

There are always more kids to love and guide, always more nature to conserve, and always more volunteers needed as the projects increase, so anybody is always welcome to join. The SOAPkidz is growing from strength to strength as their slogan declares “Because it’s magic when kidz and nature meet…”.

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