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The hike at Faerie Glen

By Sharron Reynolds

The Kidz were from a Foster home in Kilnerpark and volunteers were:
Noeksie, Dave, Dave, Cathy, Jannie and Sharron.

This hike was going to take some organizing – I got a call from Noeksie on Friday to ask if I could meet her at her house to help with transporting kidz on Sunday – Late Saturday evening plans had changed and I was asked to be at Faerie Glen at 7.30am so some of the kidz could be dropped off, I would baby sit them while she went back for a second load. So bright and early Sunday morning I headed with directions in hand to find Faerie Glen. Arrived stressed and 10min late – No kidz, no Noeksie and no coffee – the coffee shop only opens at 8.30 – a quick phone call to Noeksie to be advise Dave had stepped up to help and between him and Noeksie all kidz would arrive together.

The weather was not great and it looked like we were going to get some rain. The Kidz didn’t seem to mind and what a varied bunch of kidz they were. Although there were only 11 of them I was really glad that Janie and Cathy had unexpectedly pitched.

The Kidz, arrived and after a quick head count, and handing out of back packs we set off on the hike – now I don’t do ‘mountains’ or hills as Noeksie insists I should call them, and the one looming in front of me was not a welcome prospect specially with a group of very energetic youngsters, but I was not about to loose face. Fortunately there was not a lot of viable rubbish so the hike up the hill required quite a few stops so kidz could look under each bush – Lucky me I got to rest on several occasions under the pretence of keeping an eye on the kidz.

A refreshment break about half way up produced quite a few bags of rubbish – it always amazes me how these kidz can “find” rubbish with just a little motivation The ants on the way up through the trees caused a bit of a problem for our young blond lady – I guess at 5 years old you are allowed to be scared of some things – Noeksie ended up piggy-backing her a fair way up the hill. A stop at the top of the ‘mountain’ for some more refreshments & photos – Thanks Dave – and the hike back down the hill – a stop over at the bird hide with a 30min or so stop – a few kidz “fell” into the water – considering how hot it was I would not have minded being a kid for just a few minutes.

Back at the cars we found a shady spot to have hotdogs and prize giving. Once again from a park that at first glance was pretty clean it is amazing how much rubbish was collected.

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