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Birding at Premier Mine

By Karen Hauptfleisch

Birding SA was so impressed with the boys on our Bush Bro camp that we were invited to take the two most promising boys on a birding outing with them.

Frans and myself picked Zandré up from the foster home at 5h00. We met Thokoza (from the Kosmos chilren’s home in Kriel) in Bronkhorspruit at 07h00. We met the rest of the group at the Premier Mine at 8h00. By this time every boy was equipped with a birdbook and a pair of binoculars.

Thokoza was very eager and listened carefully to the experts. Everyone went for a “hike” and it was amazing to be amongst experts. Zandré has been eating sweets non-stop since we left Pretoria and it was not long before an unanimous decision was made to split the group. Frans would stay with Thokoza and the experts while I entertain the hyperactive Zandré. (He showed a huge interest in the bugs by now and we did fill one or two bags of litter)

After lunch we were taken on a game drive and we saw a big variety of game. When it was time to leave we were all pretty sad. We dropped Thokoza off in Bronkhorstpruit before returning home.

Once again , I was privileged to see passion. I will definitely recommend a birding outing with the experts to everyone. Just keep the sweets far away from the hyperactive little ones.

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