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Brass monkeys in the mountainsóbut we trained hard!

By Pat de Klerk

Not even the freezing cold weather could stop the committed group of RACO's that turned up at Mogales Gate on Sunday - to take part in some championship preparation training. They said they would be there - and there they were!. We have real passion for our sport ! Also out for some serious exersize, were RACO's "secret weapon" - the ten-strong team of boys from the Abraham Kriel Home ! Albert - always willing to do the hard work (although I think he really enjoys course planning !), made sure there were three setups to choose from and stretch the muscles and brains of each enthusiastic O'er.

The SOAPKidz Team (the boys) were each given an instructor and set off on a 2,7km course. Then when they all came back - it was a choice between 5km and 8km for the "instructors". Only our WOC hopefulls, Tania and Martin elected to go the extra mile as it were - but there was plenty to keep the rest of us occupied on the 'crafty' 5km course.

Thanks everyone for pitching in to help and may your training stand in you in good stead for the GOC Champs in a few weeks time. Someone was heard to remark, "if you could handle this - the champs will be a push-over !". GOC Champ Planner, Paul, just gave a wry smile !!!

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