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From Moreletta spruit to the Pioneers Museum

By Dave Sherratt

The day started off warm and dry,some of the Soapcrew arrived early to prepare for the arrival of the”Kids”.We found a very nice area which was free of traffic to set up the base camp and we proceeded to get out the chairs and tables and other bits and pieces so trhta everything would be ready for the arrival of the SOAPkidz At about 8-30 the kids arrived those from Jacaranda came with Rob in his bus and the others came by private transport.In total we had 43 kids,27 from Jacaranda and 16 from Danville.

Unfortunately the “Kidz” from mamelodi for some reason couldn’t make it. After a bit of a pep talk by Karen about what we would do the kids were divided in to 4 teams comprising of ….. the red team led by M70 with 6 kids, Yellow team led by Moses with 11 kids, the Blue team led by Tshepo with 18 kids and finally the green team led by Xolani with 10 kids.

Each of the “Kidz” had a back pack containing food to eat, some sweets and a water bottle with fruit juice in it and last but not least plastic rubbish bags which were donated by Metro because you should all know by now that one of the aims of the SOAPkidz is to clean the environment of litter.