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The Soapkidz at Stirrup Glen

By Francois Neethling alias The Blind Guy

We were at Oom Koos’s farm very early and I wondered if the kidz would enjoy the day with the animals and everything else. When I was a youngster, the farm was always something to look forward to. I was always fascinated by the plants, insects and animals in nature. Young boys have a special connection with nature but….it’s Sunday morning and not all kids enjoy waking up early.

Today it is computer games, smoking and other mischief on their brains so I had my doubts. What a pleasant surprise when the kombi stopped. Noeksie had to keep her wits about her with 11 kidz asking questions simultaneously.

Then it was our turn to surprise the kidz and I wish I could have captured it on camera. Noeksie bought somebinoculars – camouflaged Rambo gadgets with compasses the works. The faces were something to appreciate. It was like giving a boy his first pen-knife. It took a while to restore order before moving to the horses because they had to first look at everything through the binoculars.

Two of the boys were too scared to get close to the horses but that changed promptly when Oom Koos, who was sitting in his chair behind them shouted in his usual loud manner – SIPOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Sipho is his assistant). Terrified they rushed to the horses, eyes wide and ready to be picked up. Yes, if one’s not used to Oom Koos calling Sipo, it can be quite frightening.

The commando was on its way – the bubbling young fellows had the binoculars ready and were pointing towards the birds and antelope in the field. The SOAPkidz Crew’s fitness was tested when the horses were going too slowly according to them. Where else on this planet do you see a blind guy leading an excited boy on a trotting horse through rough terrain? The best of all was when they spotted an animal and they started to shout “Quick - run faster – they’re getting away”. It just made me grateful for the things I can still do.

There are so many people out there that can’t even move. The kidz and crew enjoying nature– and the blind guy is leading the horse Back at the stables the kidz were given some apples to feed the horses. Some of them were reluctant in the beginning but after they saw the horses enjoying the apples, they overcame their fear.

And then it was time to visit the bush pigs. Binoculars in the one hand and food in the other they fed the pigs and Bessie, the hand raised wildebeest. Trompie, the warthog who loves chocolates received some special attention as well.

After the kidz had something to eat, they discovered Oom Koos’s go-cart. It only had three wheels but they loved it and they pushed each other in the road while we sat and watched, speculating amongst the dust when the first aid kit was going to be needed. At two it was time to find all the binoculars and to say good buy to 11 very tired boys who had an exciting day in the nature. It takes so little to make kidz happy. But I look around me (not that I can see much) and I see all the hatred, violence and child molestation.

Why, why, why do we want to do this to our future leaders? Piece, happiness and joy begin at home. The next time you walk pass a street kid, don’t just look away. Smile and greet him – it’s the least you can do and you might just brighten up his day –

A big thank you to

Francois – for writing the report and for being such a big inspiration to us all. He has 2% eyesight left and will be blind soon – but he is unstoppable. There is nothing he can’t or won’t do. He started rock climbing recently so mountaineers, if you find him in the mountains and he doesn’t greet you it’s because he can see you, but he did help with deweeding the Dome Pools – Cois, it’s a privilege to know you

Oom Koos – who said the Abraham Kriel home’s kidz are always welcome on his farm

Dalene, Antoinette, Ricky, Donovan, Nicky, Rob – the SOAPkidz CREW for all the help The SOAPkidz for reminding us that a broken car can bring hours of joy

Loads of love Noeksie

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