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Faerie Glen Hike

By Noeksie

It’s a lovely Saturday morning and the SOAPDogz can’t believe their luck! They got 7 energetic boys plus 7 volunteers to take them on a hike! After the boys received backpacks filled with snacks, cold drinks and rubbish bags, their was no stopping them.

Yvonne was there to teach them something about the environment but Frans, wise after previous experiences, suggested that we work on getting rid of most of their energy first. It must have looked quite a sight when the 7 boys, 3 dogs and 7 volunteers took off with lots of excited screeching!

Once on top of the hill we all had a snack and something to drink and then the group decided to split up. Frans took the energetic boys on a “run” while the rest of us admired the birds. An hour later Frans and the boys joined us again and it was Yvonne’s turn to teach them something about nature. The boys were fascinated by the ants and little creatures and were able to identify several birds.

They never stopped talking. Crossing a stream we came across a lot of rubbish and it became quite an adventure getting to the rubbish.

The boys were full of energy again and the competition to see who can pick up the most litter was on. We jumped over the streams, got dirty and had loads of fun. We finally caught up with the rest of the team who was struggling to cross the river. We decided to take an alternative path and the view was breathtaking.

The boys were so excited! Just before we reached the parking area another big clean-up took place. Everyone pitched in to pick up the litter in the stream. The boys were congratulated by visitors who saw them picking up the litter.All in all 5 bags of litter was picked up, the dogs had a lovely time as well as the kidz and volunteers!

This was an outing that should be repeated at least once a month!

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