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Kloofendal hike

By Yvonne Vos

How often do you get to hold scorpions in your hand?

Well, 20 children from the Epworth Home and some lucky volunteers, Yvonne, Karen, Joe, Theo, Dave, Rachel, Frans and Cois, were previliged to spend time with Jonathon Leeming, the "Scorpion Man" at Kloofendal Nature Reserve on the 5th February 2006.

He showed the children how to find scorpions under rocks and in the bark of trees. He showed them how to handle them and they even had the opportunity of holding them in their hands. They learnt that even dangerous ones won't sting you if you don't hurt them.

They learnt the importance of not killing scorpions and other creepy crawlies and that everything in nature has a purpose and by killing them you are disrupting nature. Fortunately some of our volunteers had knowledge in other areas and Yvonne showed the children some spiders and rare plants.

On their way to the bird hide to look at birds, they somehow ended up at the dam looking at insects and little frogs swimming in the water instead. We were quite happy to sit and discuss the wonderful world of creep crawlies and scorpions over hot dogs at the end of the day. It was a really great day and our thanks to the volunteers who have up their time and to Jonathon Leeming, the expert on Scorpions, for a wonderful fun-filled learning experience. Thank you Ingrid for helping us to transport the kids from Epworth to Roodepoort. And thanks for all the volunteers for your time en effort with the kids.

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