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Rugby at Loftus

By Ruan Kruger

On 17 February 18 boys who play rugby at the FH Odendaal High school had the privilege to go and watch a rugby match at Loftus.

The boys who all play under 15 and under 16 came from Jacaranda Children's Home and from other underprivileged homes. The kids are being trained by external coaches who also teaches the kids because of the passion they have for children and for the game.

SOAP KIDZ received the tickets from the Round Table and decided to send these dedicated kids on the outing. They were so exited to actually go and see a game at Loftus that most of them couldn't sleep the night before. Only one of them were previously at Loftus before.

Since the excursion to Loftus the kids could not stop talking about it and it also motivated other kids also to start participating in sport when they saw what privileges the other kids got. What actually caught the attention of the other people was when the kids start cleaning up after the game.

Most fans couldn't believe their eyes when they saw these youngsters cleanup the place around them as they leave. All our hopes is that this will teach other people to be aware of their surroundings and just clean up after their own rubbish.

Thanks again Round Table for the tickets.

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