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The Groenkloof Hike

By Noeksie

Frans warned me that he had to hand in an assignment the next day and that he won’t be able to hike with us.

“Not to worry – Arinda and I will handle the kidz. Just drop them off at the nature reserve”. Thank goodness he decided to stay a bit. There was no-one to braai the meat. He seemed a bit grumpy but I told him he’ll have some peace and quite very soon. He soon had some peace and quiet – but it didn’t last very long Our team ……..

We decided to do the 10km hike. By the time we got back the meat would have been done and the kidz would have gotten rid of their energy. That was the idea. Some of the more energetic boys ran ahead while Arinda and I walked behind with the two smaller boys. The more energetic boys were told not to go too far ahead.

20 minutes later Frans’ studies were interrupted by my call: “I lost 7 boys. Phone me when you find them”

The energetic boys…….. It was decided that I would run ahead while Arinda carries on with the small boys. Twenty minutes later Frans got another call. “Are they there yet”. He was not happy.

Twenty minutes later Arinda phoned him. “I found the kidz. Where’s Noeksie?” Frans was not a happy man.

Shortly after I bumped into them (after hiking more than the intended 10 km) my phone rang: “The meat’s charcoal. How long are you guys going to be lost for?

Frans was not a happy person. The kidz still had loads of energy and were a bit disappointed when I told them that we had to turn back – the charcoal was waiting and they had to be extra friendly to Frans. I decided that one of my 2006 resolutions was not to loose kidz on a hike again. Enjoying a boerewors roll Frans exaggerated a bit. It was only my chicken that was charcoal.

Shortly after the meal we decided to explore a bit more. The kidz carried on picking up litter and exploring. By 15h00 we decided to give Frans a break. As usual the kidz loved the adventure and I had to promise to take them cycling as soon as possible.

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