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Adventure day at Groenkloof Nature reserve

By Karen hauptfleisch

When the first kombi’s arrived at 7h45 filled with kidz the S.O.A.P volunteers were ready for action. Teams were quickly formed and by 8h15 the first team was on its way. The adventure has begun. The first activity was a scavenger hunt and the idea was to instil a love of nature into the kidz. Besides picking up litter, they had to look for worms, leaves, animals etc. without disturbing anything. One of the highlights was getting as close as 10m to the zebras. Some teams choose the scenic route and by the time they finally arrived back at the camp the food was waiting.

The S.O.A.P adventure teams After lunch some of the volunteers “volunteered” to stay behind and nurse the blisters while the different teams set out on different adventurous. The first adventure took us up the mountain identifying indigenous trees.

With the second adventure we had to follow cryptic clues, use our navigation skills and newly acquired compass reading skills to find a password. Some mathematical skills were also required.

The third adventure required some motivational and bird watching skills from the volunteers. By this time most of the kidz had enough of the mountains. They have hiked more than 15km at that stage.

The fourth adventure required some thinking and teamwork. It was decided that those too tired to carry on will have a rest while the rest carried on. Rejuvenated by the rest, a selected member sprinted to the base camp with our answers to the cryptic clues. The rest of us followed with the team’s spirit high

Our last assignment was to find the treasure in the cave and to identify the trees on our way there. Being in an all girls team we were suddenly surrounded by eager boys willing to give us a hand. We were too clever and realised they were after our Easter eggs that were hidden in the cave and send them on a wild goose chase.

The boys trying to get to our easter eggs The all girls team won the prize for picking up the most litter and then it was time to say goodbuy.

The all girls team had two girls who had a hearing impairment which made communication quite adventurous

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