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Gauteng Orienteering Championships

By Gert-Jan van Rijsewijk

About 8 Kidz from Langlaagte were given the opportunity to participate in the annual Orienteering Championships which started/ended at the picnic site on the grounds of Pelindaba, a beautiful setting with a 100m high cliff on the one side. We set off along the road to the starting point of the route (a fairly stiff walk up the hill) and there the kidz went off one by one in about 5 minute intervals. It was a solo experience, except for the few girls who were too intimidated by the whole compass-reading bit. It does help to know where you are while you are trying to find little orange and white markers carefully hidden at locations which one has to find using a map and a compass only.

Our first marker we couldn’t find at all, and a kindly soul from the Orienteering Club helped us out there – he took pity on us when he saw we were wandering about aimlessly in the wrong direction. The second point went a bit better and after that we were locating the points in true expert style. It is important to have the right footwear on such an adventure, since time is somewhat off the essence here. The idea is to get to the end as quickly as possible, while not missing out on any of the control points. Some electronic device records your time there, so cheating is out of the question… The route we opted for was just over 2km long, and on average it took us novices about an hour and a half to complete. It was a great day and to be repeated sometime soon, I’m sure!


Jy kan nie gippo nie …. George
Kan ons môre weer kom ….. Samantha
Ek wil dit weer doen …. Linda
Dit was nou flippen lekker …. Xavier
Dit gee mens selfvertroue - Stevan


It was Deja-Vu when the kombi filled with kidz stopped. Some of them arrived without proper running shoes and there were a lot of long unexpected faces. Pretty soon we had them all excited and I felt like a proud mom when they all started picking up litter while walking the 20 minutes to the start. Totally against the normal championship rules I was put in a “team” with Samantha and a rather grumpy Linda who refused to be on her own. Twenty minutes later a very excited Linda was rushing off looking for the next target. “This is fun, she shouted”. I consider myself extremely privileged. Not everyone gets a chance to watch a person change once they gain confidence and are allowed to just have fun in nature. I see it every time we expose them to nature. Every time we take the kidz to nature I see withdrawn kidz turn into leaders.


RACO for their endless patience and sponsorship. You have once again exposed kidz to the exciting world of orienteering. They loved it! Gert-Jan who offered his time to assist the kidz and for the report


Liewe Karen,
Ek wil namens al die kinders wat die avontuurtog meegemaak het sę baie dankie. Dankie vir jou warm hart, dankie dat jy altyd uit jou pad uitgaan om hulle te akkommodeer al is dit hoe moeilik. Terugvoer van die kinders is dat hulle hulle vreeslik geniet het. En hulle sę dat ek vir tannie Noeksie groet moet stuur en sę baie dankie vir alles.

Ons waardeer jou baie, ek waardeer jou baie. Mag die Here jou ryklik seen en mag jy sy liefde in jou lewe ervaar.

Jesusgroete Corrie

God help my nie oor
Wat čk is nie.
Hy help my oor
Wat Hy is.

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