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Bush Babes camping in the Nature Reserve

6 – 9 July 2006

By Noeksie

It’s Wednesday 5 July 2006 starting to get dark and I find myself lost in Mamelodi Thank goodness I have declared war on Superman the previous day (how can a guy that wears his undies outside his pants be such a big hero?). Putting up a brave front, I stopped twice to ask directions to the SOS children village, thinking Superman wouldn’t have stopped hehe.

After picking up some Youth workers I left, thinking Theo would be there in about 5 minutes. Alas, Theo acted like Superman and didn’t stop for directions. 3 Hours later he arrived at the camp with the rest of the SOS youth workers.

Frans arrived with the kidz from Epworth and Krugersdorp at 24h00. It has been a long long day. Tuesday 6 July: The rest of the kidz started arriving as early as 6 o’clock. By 12 we were only waiting for one more safety house. By 13h00 they have arrived, tired after being lost for 3 hours. In the meantime some of the teams were send for posture – presented by Berdette van Zyl and some were send for a hairdo by Danelle from Pivot Profile. After lunch they were all send on a scavenger hunt.

When they returned Dirk Dannhauser was ready with his motivational talk. Every girl had to write down her dreams. After supper they were all send out on a treasure hunt and then it was time for the night hike…..

Friday 7 July:

Berdette arrived early to present her posture class to the rest of the teams and at 9 o’clock Nkosi and the rest of the art group arrived to teach the girls to make various gifts. After lunch it was time for some physical activities. The girls were all transported to the picnic area where they had to partake in various base camp activities set up by Chris Dykes and Jonno Schultz e.g blind man soccer, they were taught how to knit, bake cakes, climb through a spiderweb, shoot etc. etc. The winning team got a ride back while the rest of us had to walk.

Oooo, the complaints, the complaints. Luckily they all survived and it was quite something to see more than 100 ladies trying to get clean before supper…… After marshmallows it was time for another night hike and then bed……. (Although some of the teams were practising their war cries at 24h00. Suuuper giiiiiiiiiirls!!!!!)

Saturday 8 July:

Elna Keeve arrived at 8 with Maria Garcia products for every girl and they were all treated to a facial. Then it was Pierre Cronje’s turn to teach the girls to make a bouquet of flowers with the flowers donated by Ansie. After lunch it was off to the picnic area again and this time one of the activities involved taking out the water hyacinths. They were then all rushed back in different vehicles. Dresses were designed and the only materials they were allowed to use were newspapers, ducktape and rubbish bags.

The tables had to be set using only newspapers and rubbish bags and gumboots were used as vases. And then it was time for the fashion parade. The girls were stunning….. Hein Wagner, the blind world speed record holder motivated the girls after supper and then it was time for the belly dancers. There was no stopping the girls now. After dancing some of them still had energy left for a nighthike. Needless to say, some of them only got into bed after 02h00.

Sunday 9 July:

Dirk gave a motivational talk after breakfast and then the girls got a chance to write down their dreams and prepare for their concert and what a spectacular concert it was. We had poets, singers and clowns. Scooters donated pizzas and then it was time for prizegiving.

Every girl received several prizes donated by the Cradle Project and Shante.

Apart from the people mentioned above, I would like to thank the following people. Theo – without you the camp would have remained a dream. The youth leaders: Teddy, Elvira, Shinz, Percy, Jen, Michele, Jeanine, TK, Michele, Roslyn and Lerato. SUUUUUUUPER GIIIIIIRLS!!! Jane, Lettie, Hester and Cariena – you were absolutely amazing trying to feed 120 people. Zandele, Sophie, Joseph, Martha, Sally, Amanda Praekelt, Cois, Leon, Dave, Hettie, Kalie - thanks for your advise and help!

"Volunteer Feedback"

"I was absolutely blown away by the camp that was held by your team and it was an honour to have been able to help out over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Seeing the absolute joy on the girls' faces as they worked with the Maria Garcia products, working, having fun and speaking with them on all the activities that were planned, watching as they watched with total concentration Berdette speaking about posture and etiquette and listening to the feedback and the comments that were made about all the guest speakers has certainly impacted on my life and made me sure that the camp IS MAKING A BIG DIFFERENCE in the lives of some very special people that need to know that they are special. I am so looking forward to the next camp and have already spoken to my mom, my friends and my associates about getting involved in any way they can"

Chris Dykes

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