Eco Mountaineering


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Eco Mountaineering

De-weeding season at Magaliesberg Mountains

By Katlego Sebothoma

Being in the mountains for a weekend was an experience that I cannot put a price tag on. Nature is a beautiful thing and taking care of it can be fun, yes! We had a lot of activities to do, from de-weeding, mountain climbing and taking a dip in the natural pools to cool ourselves from the hot sun.

The “weekend moment” was when we tried setting up the tent to find out that one pole is missing, boom! Well, at least the tent survived the rain and hailstorms of the night. Overall, it was a fun weekend. Thank you SOAPkidz ;).

Eco Mountaineering

Castle Gorge

By Karen Hauptfleisch

You saw WHAT!!!! Well, it is not every day that one goes to the Magaliesberg – just to find an African Grey sitting on a tree, eating a banana!

For Kalego, Tshidi and LEOG Sebothoma, it was their first outing to the mountains. The plan was to assist with their packing and if need be, lend them some hiking equipment etc. My two tents were in for repairs, so I decided to give the girls a big tent and use one of the SOAPkidz tents myself. Unfortunately, I was not able to assist with their packing – after all, we were going to the Magaliesberg – and there are not a lot of things that could go wrong!

Getting to the camping spot required some 4X4 skills, which I do not have – but we made it all in one piece. Before setting up the tents, everyone pitched in with the deweeding. If you are the adventurous outdoor type who considers shredding some skin and bleeding a bit (well, maybe more than a bit), this is your type of outing. For those not used to it – well, there must be a first time. Whilst having lunch at the pools, Stephan Neser turned up with his African Grey – much to the amusement of everyone else.

After a while, everyone headed off to the camping spot. It looked like it might rain, so I tried to show the girls how to pitch the tents.. Something did not look right – and then we discovered that the big tent poles had been left behind. My small tent was pitched – and then it started to hail. Tshidi jumped into mine – and KAlego and LEogo jumped into the big tent where the sail proceeded to collapse on them. In the meantime, Tshidi and I had some laughs since the tent was far from waterproof.

After the hail storm, a plan was made and the girls could sleep in – well, all I can say is in a funny shelter. Unfortunately, we could not make supper because of the rain.

It was quite pleasant not to hear anyone complaining the next morning. Instead, everyone was very excited and Tshidi was quite surprised to find that she has been sleeping on a big rock.

After pitching in with the Crofton eradication, it was time to show the girls some of our pristine pools. It involved some rock climbing – and then off course the icy water – but I could just see the transformation in the girls. Our motto – It’s pure magic when kids and nature meets – rang true once again. Whether it is a one year old child – or a 70 year old!

Eco Mountaineering

Eco Mountaineering

DATE: 20 – 21 September 2014 (Saturday 07h00 till Sunday 15h00)

VENUE: Castle Gorge

Come and join us for this enjoyable overnight eco-mountaineering event where we join hands with the Magaliesberg Mountain Club to keep our cliffs/rock faces/mountainous areas in a pristine condition.

SATURDAY: After our journey to the venue, on arrival, we will pitch the tents and will have some fun in the water while enjoying the fresh air.

The evening will be spent around the gas stoves creating exquisite meals using your imagination and 2 minute noodles as the main ingredient.

SUNDAY: After watching a spectacular sunrise and breakfast, we will all enjoy a wonderful time in the mountains, while recharging our batteries before having lunch. After lunch, everyone will fill in the necessary questionnaires and we will hike back to the cars. Everyone will obviously be extremely sad to leave the beautiful pristine cliffs/rock faces/mountainous area.


• A sense of humor

• Camping gear (tent, sleeping mattress, sleeping bag, torch)

• Comfortable clothes, old clothes as well as some dry clothes

• Hiking gear – hiking boots/takkies, hat, backpack, water bottle, snacks, sun block, insect repellant and comfortable hiking clothes.

• Towel and warm clothes (it really gets cold at night)

• Toiletries – please note that there are no ablution facilities and we are not allowed to use soap on the site.

• Breakfast/lunch/supper/cold drinks and snacks

• Eating utensils (knife, spoon, mug, plate)

• Gardening gloves, garden digging tool with forked end

• Something fun & green to wear for photos on the 21st

Please contact Karen (083 975 2700) / for more information.