Arts in the Garden


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Art in the Gardens

Art in the Gardens

By Karen Hauptfleisch

Ubuhle Thanks Art

Ubuhle Thanks Art

By Karen Hauptfleisch

Thank you letter received from Ubuhle

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Art In the Gardens

Art In the Gardens

By Karen Hauptfleisch

Two months earlier, Alan Inngs, an artist from Johannesburg, came up with the idea of having an art in the gardens event where 10% of all the sales would go to SOAPkidz. I was very reluctant. I did not know anything about art but we were desperate to get funding. And this is how a whole new adventure started.

Firstly, I was once again fortunate to meet caring people

Nana and the Pretoria National Botanical Garden assisted with all the venue arrangements.

Helmutt and Alan promoted local artists. In turn, some of their artists offered to teach the children to paint – an activity they thoroughly enjoyed.

Sharron Reynolds and her team offered to sell food.

For the first time, however, the public was involved – and I found myself forced to promote the event.

I was also responsible for the environmental activities, which should not have been a problem.

Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out as expected.

Our posters were late so instead of advertising on the street poles for two weeks, we only had a week

For some bizarre reason at least 600 people did not get my e-mails

Our environmental guys could not attend at the last moment

Our food sponsor didn’t come through

A day before the event I was told that we were getting 20 more SOAPkidz.

Fortunately, we are crisis management experts.

Arno Naude turned up with his snakes and changed everyone’s opinion about snakes and other reptiles.

Azalea and Mpho turned all the children into budding artists

The 20 extra kids brought their own food

30 artists displayed their art

Another artist taught the children how to transform a dustbin into a piece of art

Tommi donated shoes to all the SOAPkidz

Sharron and her team had fun cooking up a storm

I got to opportunity to show 12 teenage girls that it is possible to fit them all in my little Terrios. We laughed all the way to their home.

Although few paintings were sold, meaning that we did not get any funding this time – we discovered a winning recipe, where the different passion groups got together and really made a huge difference.

The kids, artists, SANBI and I trust the public loved the event. Our next one is soon, and this time, it will be an even bigger success – just because we will get the local children to become part of the SOAPkidz team.

Pretoria Botanical Gardens

Arts in the Garden

An event not to be missed!

Come and join us for this exciting SOAPkidz event. This is a fundraiser where we have engaged with more than 30 local artists. There will be art to please everyone’s pocket and taste.

There will be lots of funky environmental activities for the SOAPkidz and all visitors. This will include dancing with Manzi, the Rand Water Tap, having your picture taken with snakes and creating awesome gifts from recycled material.

We will also be running food stalls and SOAPkidz will benefit from all sales.

Come and join us and assist with any of the activities – or just bring your family to come and have fun for the day!