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I have a lot of talents, but my sense of direction is definitely at the bottom of the list, despite attending various courses, but still no luck. Instead, I decided to just enjoy the events and stick to someone that has one.

That was the plan when Castor John from Tanzania joined me. He said he knew how to read a map so we were handed a map and the electronic device you have to use once you have find the pointer. It seemed easy, and after orientating ourselves we were off. Two minutes later, Castor took off. He thought he knew exactly where the first point was. I shouted at him but it was useless he was too focused on getting to the point. I had the electronic device, so without me, his enthusiasm meant nothing. We only found another 10 minutes later.

The rest of the day was spent more or less in the same fashion. He would shoot off we will get separated and ended up spending more time looking for one another than looking for the points.

Well, who wants a boring life anyway? But I could hear some experts snickering when we arrived very late, read in the face and dead tired from running around looking for one another instead of working together as a team.

Karen and Castor on a previous event

Karen and Castor on a previous event