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Faerie Glen


On the 15TH of March 2014 the SOAPkidz Management Committee met to thrash out strategic issues at the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve. What better way to envision and plan for nature adventures for kids than on an actual nature trail.

The Faerie Glen Nature Reserve in Pretoria is a popular 128ha oasis in urban surroundings, with an incredible abundance of birdlife and a series of nature trails. The reserve transitions between grassland and sour bushveld, and visitors can spot South Africa’s national flower – the Protea – growing along the hillsides. The reserve also forms part of the 8km Moreleta Spruit Nature Trail, while the perennial Moreleta Spruit flows through it, responsible for abundant grassland and rich vegetation.

The team set off on the Geocaching trail at around 9am, successfully made it up the steep incline amidst huffs and puffs as well as sore buns and thighs from another hike undertaken the day before. We then hit a major roadblock at the second point where we looked for the cache for over 1hour……but eventually found it. Karen’s favourite spot as she got the opportunity to do her leopard crawls and bush dives…”showing off”. The strategy ensued from this point forth with strong debates about the structure and roles in the Committee. The focus here was on optimising the skills, experience and abilities of our current committee to bring value for our most precious target group….vulnerable kids.

It was a day well spent. About 6.9 kilometres and 4 hours later, the team descended to a nearby restaurant for a well-deserved carbo-load and to wrap up the session. This was definitely great preparation for the upcoming AGM.