2014 Zoo Snooze


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Zoo Snooze

A childs feedback

Some welcomed feedback from one of the children who enjoyed the Johannesburg Zoo Snooze! Click here to View the pdf report.

JHB Zoo Snooze


By Leon De Kock

JHB Zoo Snooze

Johannesburg Zoo fund raiser

By Leon De Kock

Once again, it was time to wrap up warmly, bring out the camping kit and head into the wild west, or rather the heart of Johannesburg, for a night of camping at the Johannesburg zoo. This is always a treat, a small adventure that not many people get to experience.

Sharron (Pink Hair) lay on a feast of potjiekos for everybody to dig into after the guided tour given by two of the zoo personnel. Lamb, chicken and vegetable, curry or not curry, it was all on the menu. Together with a few glasses of your favourite drink to keep you warm, and of course a big bonfire to keep everybodyís spirits up, it became quite late before some of us crawled into bed.

Morning came all too soon, especially with the screaming of the gibbons as an alarm call. It was time to warm our hands around a mug of hot coffee, and then quickly take down the tents and get out of there before the big mothers day rush began.

Later, children and older folks alike will get to tell friends and family about the adventure, how we camped out in the wildest part of Africa for one night, in the middle of Johannesburg!

Comments: Karen Hauptfleisch

Thanks Sharron for arranging this event. It was, however just heart breaking to see the amount of litter people leave behind when leaving the zoo for the day and expect that someone else will clean their mess up.

SOAPkidz Fundraiser

Johannesburg Zoo Snooze

Ever heard the lions roar at night in Joburg? Well now you can, book for a

Date:10th May 2014
Time:Saturday 14h30 - Sunday 08h00

Cost:R260 Adults / R220 Kids under 12.
Includes a hot dinner and breakfast rusks with tea/coffee

What to bring:Your camping gear: tent, bedding, torch and warm clothes, own refreshments and walking shoes. Donít forget your toothbrush!

Booking is essential!

Contact Sharron (011)447-3610 sharronre@mweb.co.za