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Groenkloof Girls camp

Volunteer Report Back


The camp was magnificent, every activity is done so that each and every child is loved and special no matter what back ground they come from or abuse they experienced.

The message was always clear “you are unique, special and able to achieve anything you want, through loving yourself, respecting yourself and team work”. Even a child who was feeling out of place at first became a team leader and tried to put their team in front. The journey opened their wellbeing and precious hearts and turned them into the diamonds they are. After each session they had you could see a difference in their faces and the way they tackled a challenge.

• The catering was at its best as breakfast, lunch and supper was finger liking. • The kids bonded like they came from the same school and had known each other for a long time, even though they had never met. • The children mostly enjoyed the treasure hunt, that’s where they had a chance to spot some wildlife while walking in the nature reserve and compete against each other. • They enjoyed the French knitting, making mobiles, making hearts and cards even making bottle bags. • They even enjoyed painting cans and planting in them and were happy to take them home. • And the table cloths they designed in plastic bags and other recyclable stuff Photos can prove what I mean. Even the fashion design blew their minds; I have never seen such talent, thank you for this opportunity.

It is clearly visible that these camps have a huge impact on every child and SOAPkidz should continue having them and changing each child’s life and how they see it.

I’m very proud to have become one of the volunteers and to make a difference in a vulnerable child’s life. I would like to thank the organizer and the committee who make such great camps possible and hope that I am invited to the following one.

Groenkloof Girls camp

Event info and call for volunteers

Our next camp is around the corner and we need to meet to discuss the arrangements a.s.a.p. I have Saturday the 1st of June in mind and by then, we should have things in place. Once again it is short notice but we have no choice because September is a very short holiday and we need to have 3 camps before November

Date: 22 -28 June (That’s only time they can accommodate us) but we can have a weekend camp at a later stage.

Venue: Groenkloof Bambi camp:

Children: 60 teenage girls from different homes/communities

Aim of camp: To teach the girls about respect and to make them feel special

First of all the excellent news:

  1. Groenkloof is giving us 60% off
  2. The venue is absolutely perfect and in Pta
  3. SOAPkidz are presenting all the activities as intended

Volunteers needed: (Please note that a debriefing session is compulsory and must be done directly after camp before anyone leaves)

  1. Kamp commandant – I have asked Salomie
  2. Care Takers from homes – makes life easier and we can use them to present activities and to cook – we won’t use them as team leaders because the children need their privacy
  3. Team leaders: 1 per very team of 6 girls – unemployed people that’s staying the whole time
  4. Volunteers to present activities (they don’t stay whole time) and the more we have, the better
  5. Employees from different companies - this is one of our aims – to get corporates involved with SK so they can sponsor events and get their staff involved. Frans- I think you can get media 24 definitely involved. Other companies could be MTN etc. So spread the word.
  6. Retired people


Compulsory activities

  1. Journey process – to be presented daily – Practitioners must be available for one to one sessions and I think we should have 2 for the whole time.
  2. Environmental education activities (I have asked Groenkloof to present certain activities e.g. game drive, invasive plant eradication etc.)
  3. Yoga every day

Possible activities

  1. Mobiles
  2. Making beauty stuff e.g. facial scrubs etc. using things that’s cheap and normally around house
  3. Zumba everyday
  4. ’Treasure’ hunt – Stuart’s been working with environmentalist mapping area so this is one easy activity that we can relax about
  5. Owl/Snakes/Bat/Frog/birding presented by experts – would be nice if we have one per day
  6. Drumming – kids love it
  7. Concert (always winner)
  8. Hygiene
  9. Financial (we can get bank to come and present it)
  10. Potjie kos – get famous person to come and judge
  11. Artistic stuff e.g. beading
  12. Knitting and other skills
  13. Horse riding (I’ll see if we can arrange that with Groenkloof)
  14. Night hike
  15. Etiquette

Important things to mention and that must be done:

  • Contracts for all the volunteers so there is no misunderstanding about anything e.g.

    What their duties are (e.g. reports that must be written 2 days after camp, all admin for camp (children’s names, activities presented, certificates, present cd with at the most 150 pictures and feedback from volunteers
  • What will be paid and for exactly what (e.g. R2 per km travelled to buy stuff)
  • Manuals must be compiled that girls can take home.
  • Pictures must be uploaded on fb
  • Reports and pictures must be send to Elsje to put on website
  • Financial thingy magiggy must be done and all receipts must be handed to specific volunteer (Sharron – would you mind being responsible for doing this?)

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