Environmental Education Camp


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Environmental Educational Camp

Report back

By Dimpho (Junior) Murudi

Being at the camp with the kids was an eye opener for me. Being out of my usual environment and being one with nature like that. Leaning about things that are taken for granted was exceptionally amazing, we all need to learn and experience it.

I wish that every child can get an opportunity to go on camps like these. They are educational in all aspects of life and the schedule was different every day. At the end of the day the kids were very excited because each and every one took part in every activity and cooked their own meals. They also had a Journey process everyday – which empowered them and gave them hope for the future. Most of the children are vulnerable and can’t change their circumstances – but by empowering them – they learn to make the most of the situation and give them a voice.

Everyone had such a good time that at the end of the week, it was hard to say goodbye to each other and the children begged us to stay for another week. They also wanted to know if they can come on the next one – but unfortunately, we had to tell them that we need to give other children the opportunity to also experience nature.

I would like to encourage that more kids go on these camps and to learn how to be grateful for what they have. And also for the children to be supported emotionally so that they can grow up to be responsible adults knowing that they are special and that they must take care of nature. I certainly would continue to contributing on the camps and I am praying for financial support so we can touch the lives of thousands of our precious children.

Everybody was hands on: the staff of Bushpigs, the caregivers and the SOAPkidz volunteers. It is a great responsibility to look after kids that comes from different backgrounds and communities but they showed compassion and understanding towards each other after just one Journey process and they were absolutely controllable. After seven days, they were all friends and we felt like a huge family.

One of the highlights was when a tv crew arrived the Friday and interviewed some of the volunteers and children. The program on Growing Tomorrow was shown and although not everyone was privileged to watch it, a copy of the program was ordered and will be shown to the children.

A Special thanks to Karen and her committee for organising this. I trust there will be more camps that will follow. I know it takes a lot of organising but you did a fantastic job and everyone left the camp with hope in their hearts!

Environmental Education Camp

Report back

By Noeksie

This was the first of many to come. We took 60 children to our first week long camp. Since we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, we partnered with two other groups. The Bushpigs (presenting all the adventure and environmental activities) and The Journey, who looked after the children’s emotional needs.

A comprehensive report will follow soon.

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Karen has set herself a goal of climbing the highest peak in every African country. She’s climbed 30 to date, but refers not to conquering them but to cleaning them. She’s an environmental crusader who’s not only cleaning the trails, but also using her adventure experiences to teach children through adventure about caring for their environment. Her charity is www.soapkidz.org.

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