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SOAPkidz Orienteering at Tshwane University of Technology

Report back

By Stuart Martin

It is always great to introduce people to the sport of orienteering as it is rewarding to see their sense of achievement when they complete the “challenge”. I think it is the satisfaction of combining both a mentally and physically activity which has a real sense of accomplishment.

The fourth event of the Gauteng Short Course Series was held on the campus of the Tshwane University of Technology and the urban jungle provided a challenging course which could be very deceiving if you got lost. I had the opportunity to introduce two people to the sport of orienteering and can say that both of them could hold their heads high after completing the event with minimal assistance.

My Son, Justin and Thabo, a SOAPkidz volunteer from Mpumalanga Park Board were introduced to the sport with its unique challenges. For both of them, the task seemed daunting and after finding their feet or rather their sense of direction, navigation and position they thoroughly enjoyed the morning. After giving them some guidance in the beginning, they both set of and completed the Novice Course (2 km) on their own.

I can truly say that the bug had bitten and both of them subsequently expressed a will to do it again and continue to learn about this truly unique sport. I am glad we were given the opportunity to introduce people to this sport as it provides real life skills whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Justin, who is now part of the Youth Orienteering Club (YOC) program, was able to work towards his 2012 orienteering badge and this is a great incentive to get children involved in this sport, sometimes referred to as “cunning running”. It is a great family activity for everyone and is a healthy way for the family to spent time together out in the open air!

The Rand Orienteering Club once again organised a great event!

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