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Orienteering at the Pretoria Zoo

Report back

By June Halliday

We recently enjoyed a beautiful day with a group of about 30 disadvantaged children from the township Eersterust. Karen Hauptfleisch organized the event with the Pretoria Zoo, Raco Orienteering Club, and Focus on Action.

“A competitive form of land navigation. It is for all ages and degrees of fitness and skill. It provides the suspense and excitement of a treasure hunt. The object of orienteering is to locate control points by using a map and compass to navigate through the woods (zoo!). The courses may be as long as 10 km.”

I’ll let the pictures tell the story of the sweet time everyone had! (Click on the foto album button at the top of the page)

Picture 1:
The whole gang, after doing that great thing that SOAPkidz does - cleaning up the environment! These bags are filled with trash from the parking lot and all over the zoo!

Picture 2:
Jan and me, June -- “Because it&rsdquo;s pure magic when kidz and nature meet!”

Picture 3:
The kids had to take their electronic markers and insert them into points that they had to find all over the zoo! It was quite a riot!

Picture 4:
After (and during -- whenever they would take the time from the race) there was great interaction with the animals.

Picture 5:
The fastest team on the orienteering course! These kids were amazing at reading the map--and got nice prizes!

Picture 6:
The winning trash team!

Picture 7:
Dear Karen, second from the end, and a few of the volunteers!

Picture 8:
Yum! Hotdoggie!

Picture 9:
And fun rides after the zoo! End of a great day!


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