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The Environmental Education day – Delta Park

Report back

By Jared Cumming

I can proudly say that the environmental education day at Delta Park was an astounding success. The goal was for the kids to have a great time, clean up the park and learn about the environment while doing so. The kids left Delta Park with a smile and a cleaner park then before.

The smell of sun cream and the rays of glistening sun welcomed us as we began our day at Delta Park. The volunteers and coordinators were filled with good spirit at the prospect of uplifting 120 disadvantaged kids for a day. We set up in good time and made all the necessary provisions to ensure that we would be in control. The only provision we failed to make was that of ensuring the kids would be on time. One bus arrived on time and we could begin the registration however the other buses were nowhere to be found. Following many phone calls and confirmation to drivers that they were, in fact, not going to Pretoria we were able to get all the kids to the park.

Once registration had been completed and teams were assigned we began with the tree planting. 12 trees were scheduled to be planted. Each group got to plant a tree and have a team photo standing next to their fine piece of botanical work. Each group was given a very informative talk on the need for trees before they embarked on their next activity.

Upon finishing the tree planting, the kids were given bags, gloves, a team leader and a route to pick up a litter around the park. As soon as the word ‘competition’ was uttered the teams dispersed with a mighty force. Some of the bags were bigger than the kids but that’s what made it all the better. The kids did an incredible job and picking up litter. It was quickly noticed by the observers on bikes and many stopped to chat to kids and help with the clean up. Some of the kids might have called this cheating but I think it would be best called ‘innovation’ The bags were stacked up and kids began a set of rotational activities orchestrated by a team from Rand Water. The kids loved these activities and learned some key points about water conservation. A great workshop on first aid was also organized which was very educational for the kids.

To complete the Rand water activities the kids were entertained by Manzi who made the kids laugh and dance. The kids were sad to see the back of Manzi but glad to welcome in lunch – A queue for hot dogs was assembled in around 2 seconds and the kids wolfed down there food. Finally, it was time for war cries. The kids had been practicing these at every free moment in the day. Some of the groups had clearly been focusing on other activities during the day and forgot most of what they were supposed to sing but enjoyed it nonetheless. However, some groups really rocked the place out and got the crowds going with their nature orientated war cries.

When it came time for the group photo, the kids still had energy to move all the bags and pose in front of the Kilimanjaro stack of litter they had collected. The photographer had tough job getting in all the kids in behind the heap of litter but took a great picture in the end.

The kids left the day with stationary packs and sweets for the work they had done. Each kid was given a certificate with their name – they left buzzing with importance and an understanding of how precious the environment is. I saw many smiles and much joy as I left the Park. In the distance, I saw the kids leaving and saw a small girl bend down to pick up some litter as she left. Maybe I was too far away to tell or maybe this is the change we long to see.

A great thank you to everyone involved in making this event a success. The sponsors, the volunteers and the coordinators made the day incredibly special for the kids and one that can continue to be special for some time to come.

SOAPkidz Environmental Education day

Event Info

This will be the fifth year that we will be hosting the SOAPkidz Environmental Education day. Our aim with this event is to have 120 vulnerable children from various Children’s Homes and Places of Safety and the many volunteers that assist, walk away with hope in their hearts and the realisation that they and the environment are interconnected and special.

Our last big environmental education day in Pretoria was on National TV. As a result of popular demand, we have decided to have an annual environmental education day in Johannesburg as well.

During the day the 120 children will be divided into teams of ten children each under the guidance of SOAPkidz volunteers and be treated to a number of fun filled learning activities. Every participant will receive a picture of his/her team planting trees as well as a Green Warrior Certificate. Prizes will go to the teams with the best team spirit, the best environmental warriors and the team who picked up the most litter.


We are approaching potential donors to assist with the costs. In this regard would you kindly consider sponsoring a team of ten children for the amount of four thousand rand. (Four hundred rand per child) The event has been arranged in a way so as to give your company maximum publicity. Should you agree to participate volunteers of your choice will be entitled to wear corporate identity. Your organisation will also be allowed to put up banners and other appropriate marketing. Included in the cost of sponsorship are T-shirts for the children participating and your organisations logo will be printed on the back of the T-shirts. A tax exemption certificate will be issued as well as a CD with report of the event including pictures..

NGO’s, NPO’s and other activity/environmental groups: Sponsor a water point or activity and get the opportunity to market your NGO (Bring your gazebos/banners etc and be part of this fun filled day where everyone walks away with HOPE in their hears)

SOAPkidz does not have expensive overheads in the form of offices, management and other overheads. Volunteers work for free using their own vehicles and cell phones. All money goes directly to benefit the children.


Be SOAPkidz volunteer and participate with a team Assist at waterpoints/registration points


08H00 – 09H30:
Registration of teams/volunteers
Registration of separated litter
Team photo taken at tree planting
Briefing of the day

09h30 – 10h30
Environmental Clean-Up whilst practicing war cries

10h30 – 12h30
Environmental Education Games

12h30 – 13h30
Manzi, our waterwise tap

13h30 – 14h00
Group picture
War cries
Prize giving


Click here to download a MAP
Click here to download DIRECTIONS


Meetings for all the volunteers will be held in Johannesburg and Pretoria at the following addresses and dates. Please let me know if you will be able to attend

Pretoria: Thursday the 4th November 2010
Time: 18h00 for 18h30
Venue: 19 27th Avenue, Menlopark

Johannesburg: Wednesday the 3rd of November 2010
Time: 18h00 for 18h30
Venue: The IQ Business Group (Pty) Ltd
Address: Metropolitan Office Park, Block F, 82 Wessel Road, Rivonia,

Yours truly,

Karen Hauptfleisch
(Founder and CEO)
083 975 2700