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Report Back

By Dirk Lombaard

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The day was started with all the volunteers being informed about what to expect and the most important - just to have fun! Preparations were made before the kids arrived and thus everything was finished before the kids arrived.

Then the fun started! The kids arrived, teams were made - and named! - and then we started with the geocaching event. Stuart instructed us on how to use the GPS devices - and then we started walking to find the hidden geocaches. It was fun to help the kids and to talk to them during the hiking and just to let them (the kids) have a good time.

After finding all the hidden geocaches (my team - Team Rocky WON!) we had hotdogs and cooldrinks. The day was concluded by playing games with the kids and listening to their presentations on what they learned and experienced during the day’s geocaching.

All in all , it was a memorable day - experiencing nature and more importantly for me to make a positive difference in someone’s life. The smiles on the faces of the kids made it all worthwhile!

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