Adventure weekend


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Adventure weekend

Report back

After arriving at Stirrup Glen the kids and volunteers all got to know each other with excitement hanging in the air.

They proceeded to pitch tents and unpack everything, ready for adventure. After a few ice breaker games and supper, they went for a night walk and enjoyed the sounds of nature before going to bed.

They next day the boys were woken up very early and had to cook their own breakfast. Shortly after breakfast, they started with a day long orienteering course, taking them through rough terrain and teaching them to navigate and read the landscape. At the end they went for a lovely swim in a stream and played some soccer.

What a lovely, relaxing weekend with the most amazing kids! Thank you SOAPkidz for making this weekend so special.

Adventure weekend at Stirrup Glen

Event Info

DATE: 16 18 April (Friday 18h00 till Sunday 15h00)
VENUE: Stirrup Glen
CHILDREN: 30 Teenage Boys

30 Eager boys and 10 more than willing volunteers are meeting Friday the 16th at 18h00 at Stirrup Glen Farm for a fun filled weekend in the bush.

What to expect:

FRIDAY: SOAPkidz will keep the children entertained for the evening with a night hike and braai while listening to the kids tell their stories. Everyone will sleep in tents close to the Lapa

SATURDAY: After breakfast the boys will be taught some survival skills and will be responsible for making a potjie for their supper.

SUNDAY: We will all join RACO with their Orienteering Event and after late lunch the boys will go home.


  • R50 for entrance fees,etc
    • A sense of humor
    • Sleeping gear (tents, sleeping bag, cushion, torch)
    • Eating utensils (knife, fork, spoon, mug, plate)
    • Hiking gear hiking boots/tekkies, hat, backpack, water bottle, snacks, sun block, insect repellent and comfortable hiking clothes.
    • Towel and warm clothes, toiletries

    Please contact Glennita at for more information.


    Friday Evening: Potjie and pap.
    Saturday Morning: Weetbix/milk/coffee
    Saturday Snacks: Fruit
    Saturday lunch: (Picnic in mountain): Hot dogs, tomato source
    Saturday supper: Potjie and pap
    Sunday Breakfast: Weetbix/milk/coffee
    Sunday Lunch: Sandwiches

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