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Valentines Day Mamaelodi

Report Back

By Tijana Ivacik

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Once again I was late, rushing to get to one of the volunteers houses to get a lift to the Mamelodi Old Age home. I was in two minds about spending Valentine’s Day with a hundred senior citizens I have never met and a bunch of charity volunteers, but the anticipation of sharing the love with so many people overrode my pity party.

As we drove into the parking lot of the old age home, the band was carrying their equipment in and the volunteers were helping everybody to get seated. After greeting the familiar faces, I ran in to help my friend, a Mr South Africa finalist, set up the cakes, roses and hampers SOAPkidz had organized as a Valentines surprise for the folks.

We found out we had forgotten the cake knife back home, needless to say it took Karen and I a while to cut the cake in a way that it still looked edible. Everybody helped themselves and others to cake, while Warrick was giving out roses to each person in the room. I found a moment to sneak out of the action and chat to Karens mom about rose gardens (my favorite place in the World). The room was filled with smiles, surprises, full tummies, chatter, energy and love. 14 February 2010 was turning into the best Valentine’s Day I have ever had.

In the midst of the organized chaos, Phillips mom congratulated the senior citizens, their helpers and the SOAPkidz crew on the occasion. Shortly after, she presented the jazz band so the next part of the party could begin. The sound of the beautiful instruments played by the talented CAFCA filled the room, and in a minute, everybody was moving and singing to the rhythm. Couldn’t help but think, what a great band, and even greater crowd. It was the best Valentine’s Day I had ever had!

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