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Water Testing in the Magaliesberg

By Karen Hauptfleisch

On the 17th of March 18 boys from SOS Mamelodi and Danville arrived at the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve, ready to learn new skills and out on a mission to learn to appreciate nature. Silke Bollmohr, an Ecotoxicologist showed them how to test the water The boys had to put up a brave font in front of the two girls and the rest of the volunteers when they encountered crabs taking water samples. After snacks, they got into Robís bus and headed for the Magaliesberg mountains.

After setting up camp, the boys were divided into different teams. After supper, they kept the volunteers entertained with their hilarious performances. Afterwards it was time for lantern stalking and the volunteers were once again thoroughly entertained. Lights out came just in time, because I could not laugh anymore.

The next morning we followed the scenic hiking trail until we arrived at the rock bum slide. Everyone had several slides and we had to drag the boys away with the promise of some better pools further up. Lunch and more swimming followed before we had to head back, taking some more water samples with us.

The evening was once again spend laughing a lot and everyone got into bed feeling tired and stiff.

The next morning the different water samples were tested. Everyone was in good spirit and the laughing never stopped. We were all a bit sad when it was time to pack up. New friendships were formed and the children got to appreciate nature. What more can anyone wish for?

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