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Green Market at the Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve

Report Back

By Glennita Ford

Yet another successful event. On Saturday SOAPkidz went to the the Green Market held every 1st Saturday of the month at Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve. The green market is original as there are various stalls/displays of either organic foods, products, plants and “green” initiatives. The concept was conceived by Melissa and because of her experience with SOAPkidz; we were invited to share our experience and show-off who we are at the green market.

This was not an ordinary stall with banners and displays; we invited 15 children from the President Kruger home. It was a mixed (4 boys and 11 girls) bunch of primary school kids who at the beginning had so much energy and enthusiasm that they quickly exhausted the volunteers. One would think that five volunteers could handle fifteen children but soon we found out that our passion, patients and character would be tested by these very energetic children.

While Karen and I manned the display table, the children played games and took a nature walk; later on they went on a treasure hunt.

The people who perused our table found our work to be really worthy and two people donated money freely. Our t-shirts attracted many interested parties and we were able to promote SOAPkidz in this unique way.

When the children returned naturally one would think they would be exhausted but we were wrong! Lunch was served and the children then went on to making our famous fish. The children loved the activity and we attracted other children at the market to join in. The market offered dancing and a puppet show where the children tentatively sat and learned about pollution, environmental care and had a laugh or two.

At the end, the children went on their last hike and formed three teams. The team who saw the most animals and came first would win a prize. They estimated that they saw over a hundred animals (which included insects and we believe they counted the same type of animal twice) and became most competitive as they kept on running away from the other team as soon as they came closer. When the children were asked what they learned and said, “ons het geleer dat ons nie die arde moet besoedel nie en na dit moet kyk”. When leaving, they apologized for being naughty and thanked all of us for the fun filled day they experienced.

The children may have tired and tested the volunteers but the joy in knowing that we succeeded in planting a seed of leadership and helped educate them in some small manner out ways all the difficulties and places a gratifying smile on our faces.

Our motto truly says it all; “Because it’s pure magic when kids and nature meet”!

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