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Moonprint Concert

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By Karen Hauptfleisch

It is a given. Wherever SOAPkidz go, laughter follows. Whilst Theo was in charge of the SOAPkidz at Stirrup Glen, Jana, myself, Phillip, Glennita, Minette and Sharron entertained the crowd at the first Moonprint Concert in Centurion by showing off our hats made with recycled material before giving them a heartfelt rendition of the SOAPkidz litter song which went like this!

A wee yeele yee lele mama
A re tope dipampiri
A re tope diplastiki
Modimo o refile bophelo
Re tshwanetse re itlhomphe

Unfortunately/fortunately, this performance by the SOAPkidz volunteers whilst wearing funky recycled hats, were recorded by E-TV and copies of this spectacular can be obtained from our head office.

Once the Rethabili brass band started playing, everyone got up and danced behind them. The rest of the evening was filled with various artists singing “Green” songs and it was great to meet like minded “Greenies”.

Moonprint is a seriously cool non-profit organisation that have created a national ‘green portal’ through which they refocus the people of our country’s attention on to how we are damaging this planet and the environment – and, more importantly, what can be done to salvage it.

They work with events companies and arts festivals to recycle their events, and to attract attention to and bring across the message of recycling and a healthier environment. They also do various other follow-up or advance tangible and pro-active actions, such as educational projects at schools, establishing recycling facilities in public spaces, public clean-ups, et cetera.

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