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SOAPkidz participate in a 5km fun run in Vereeniging

By Elsje Eloff

This past weekend was packed with fun filled events again, bringing smiles to the faces of both children and volunteers involved in SOAPkidz (Sunrise on Africa’s Peaks Kidz).

On Sunday, 25 February, a group of 21 kids from Epworth Children’s Home and SOS Ennerdale Children’s Village along with SOAPkidz volunteers, challenged each other in a 5km treasure-hunt walk in the “bundus” at Arboretum Nursery, Vereeniging. The children had to find various “treasures” of nature from a list, whilst also trying to complete the race in as fast as possible time.

The fun run was organized by Thorn Tree Conservancy and attended by members of the public as well as the SOAPkidz team and children. The SOAPkidz children also picked up 6 bags of litter in the conserved area, as part of the mission of SOAPkidz to clean up the environment.

The day ended with various games, a light lunch and a prize giving, before they all returned home very tired, but with a good feeling in their hearts and rejuvenated for the days and weeks ahead.

“Although some of these children have been severely abused and traumatized, it’s pure magic when kids and nature meet,” says Karen Hauptfleisch, founder of SOAPkidz.

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