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The Pioneer Museum outing with 50 toddlers

By Karen Hauptfleisch

On the 25th of February 2007 50 very adorable looking toddlers between the ages 3 to 6 from the Danville Crčche were assisted by some very nervous volunteers getting out of the bus. This was going to be SOAPkidz’ first experience with the little ones – and we didn’t know what to expect. Can a 3 year concentrate for longer than 5 minutes?

Luckily, Mariet and her team from the Pioneer museum are experts dealing with any group of children and we just had to sit back and watch the children enjoy themselves.

The toddlers were divided into 4 groups and the Pioneer Museum team kept them entertained with Games and Toys, Skins and Leather, Collage and the touching of the animals till 11 o’clock. Thereafter the whole group was entertained by Henke with his snakes and then it was time for some hotdogs. I was quite surprised to see some of the small ones eat 3 or 4 hot dogs.

This was definitely one of the best outings so far – and I take my hat off to the Pioneer Museum’s team and Attie from Danville Crčche for looking after the tiny ones, and for insisting that I take all of his toddlers. A special thanks to Grundling bus company as well for the discount they gave us.

Feedback from Yolande – a first time volunteer:

On Saturday 24th of February 2007 I was invited to partake at an event arranged by SOAPkidz as a volunteer helper. When I first heard about SOAPkidz, I did not really think that this would be something I was supposed to be involved in, but after I looked on their website and “heard” the heart of the people involved, I felt more drawn. My experience with kids has been limited, and even though I have reached out to orphan kids before and have a soft place in my heart for those (I believe God has a soft place in His heart for orphans and widows) I sometimes feel that I only have the heart and lack the “know how” how to really connect with them and make a difference in their lives.

When I arrived and saw the dozens of little three to six years olds walking in a row – my heart was moved by their cuteness and their beautiful innocence. The motherly side inside me just wanted to pick up one of them and hug them, but I knew that would be totally inappropriate, so I restricted myself to helping with the buns, and quietly observing them.

I don’t know if I really made any difference in any of their lives. If maybe I could find a way to channel the love in my heart more effectively to them, it may have meant more to them. Sometimes however I know that building relationships, any kind, takes time, commitment and trust – and that doesn’t happen in a day.

I walked away knowing that maybe I did not really have a chance to change or impact the destiny of any of those children, maybe none of them really noticed how much I care, but maybe if enough people reach out in enough ways for long enough, those neglected children in so many ways will get the message deep in their hearts that they really are special, that God really does love them and care and that every single one of them are worth more than all the money in the world.

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