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Game Drive at Rietvlei Dam Nature Reserve

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While the president was being sworn into power, the SOAPkidz team was busy preparing for a game drive with activities for 10 girls from Tshwane Home of Hope (, ages ranging from 11 – 19 years. They were the winners of the Environmental Education Day in Moreletaspruit last year September.

The day started out gloomy as the rain came down but ended up being totally splendid with a bit of cold as we boarded the open game viewing vehicle. Majority of the girls were never on a game drive and for them, this was a most exciting adventure. As we braved the cold, we came across some rangers about to place a puff adder back into the wild. The puff adder was found at a home in Pretoria and snake catchers brought it into the reserve as to preserve the snake. The girls were both frightened and excited to see such a beautiful and yet dangerous creature.

In total the girls saw over 20 types of animals including blue hartebeest, zebras, spring buck, ostrich, eland, white rhino’s and a range of birds. As the game drive progressed which lasted 2 hours in total, we learned about the history surrounding the property, the dam, the mystery graves and controlled bushveld fires.

After lunch, the girls were taught how to make mobiles from re-using litter and items from nature. An information session revealed to them, what SOAPkidz are all about and why environmental awareness is so important. Daily we take the beauty that surrounds us for granted and we need to protect it through being aware, not littering, recycling and educating others to appreciate our beautiful country.

To end the day, the girls played a self-esteem game that helps to encourage them and remind each of us of our inner beauty and our personal strength, thus keeping to the SOAPkidz purpose “We empower the vulnerable children of Africa by connecting them to nature where they experience love and personal growth”.

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