Teachers Training Workshop IV


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By Phillip van der Merwe

In conjunction with the to care foundation on the 18th October 2008 at Hammanskraal, SOAPkidz conducted yet another successful teacher’s training workshop. This was the 4th workshop of a series during which SOAPkidz designed, facilitated and presented the environmental theme to the more than 200 teachers and care givers from 50 pre-schools in the area.

The theme of this particular workshop was “Hygiene” which SOAPkidz developed into “Looking after yourself” with lectures and graphic demonstrations focussing on specific problems that pre-school teachers face.

To support and thank the participants for the valuable work that they were doing with the children of the community and to bring in an environmental angle the teachers were all given beauty treatments using natural products. During the beauty treatment the teachers were all taught basic stress relief and relaxation techniques by Christelle from the Art of Living foundation.

The day was made special by enthusiastic participation as well as singing, dancing and lots of laughter and finally, in support of Mission Green Earth, all the teachers stood up and pledged their support for the United Nation’s millennium goals.

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