Teachers Training Workshop III


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SOAPkidz was once again invited by the To Care foundation to assist in their Teacher’s training workshop at Hammanskraal on the 4th of October 2008. Volunteers were warned to bring their dancing shoes and true to SOAPkidz’ fashion in a very short while everyone was singing and dancing.

The 100 teachers present at the workshop were divided into 4 groups which were rotated and in turn received instruction on the four topics of the day. The four topics were;
a) HIV/Aids awareness in early childhood development
b) Hygiene
c) Program layout – happy and healthy
d) Outdoor play activities bases on leadership

SOAPkidz was responsible for the hygiene theme. Karen welcomed the first group of teachers and introduced the rest of the SOAPkidz crew - Phillip, Minette, Adele and Evelyn. She thanked the teachers for looking after our precious little ones and a small gift was handed out to each teacher. Phillip then gave a powerful speech about caring for nature, ourselves and the children and ended his talk with everyone singing, dancing and clapping to the refrain of a well known Tshwana hymn. A demonstration followed on how germs are spread with Phillip and Adele having everyone in stitches of laughter and full of glitter.

To emphasise the hygiene theme and the need to care for yourself in order to be able to care for others we proceeded with the beauty treatment for all the teachers. Firstly everyone had a face scrub using a simple yet effective mixture of mealie meal and cream. This was followed by the moisturising session – yogurt and honey. The children that had joined the session couldn’t get enough of the moisturising session and between them applying and eating the moisturiser, we all had many laughs. Deodorant packets (baby powder and bicarbonate of soda) were handed out and then it was time to move outside for the foot scrub.

The teachers were fascinated by the easy recipes and we had to promise to compile a comprehensive booklet of the recipes for them. The session ended with a rendition of the SOAPkidz litter song and the first group of teachers left singing and feeling very special.

Three more sessions followed with the SOAPkidz crew becoming more adept at filling buckets with hot water, dancing, singing and showing the teachers the right massage techniques.

A big thank you to the To Care Foundation and the following people who made this such a special day.

  • Phillip van der Merwe
  • Evelyn Hlashwaya
  • Adele
  • Minette Whelan
  • Riette Venter for the lovely cards

This is what Minette, a first time volunteer had to say about the day,

“I volunteered for a workshop for about 100 teachers at Hammanskraal. Our group taught hygiene, such as facial & foot scrubs, to them. For me it was such a great opportunity to let them feel appreciated and special. It made me feel so warm inside to hear them sing and laugh with such joy. I look forward to the next SOAPkidz event.”

If ever I need someone to carry countless buckets of water and wash feet I know who to call on. On the 18th we have to repeat the exercise with another 100 teachers. Any volunteers? Be warned! - don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes.

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