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The Eco Organ Donor walk

Report back

By Dawn Zimmerman

On Saturday the 27th of September 2008 SOAPkidz did something a little different. We took part in the Organ Donor’s Big Walk, held at the L C De Villiers sportsground.

On the kids arrival, they were welcomed by Lydia Botes, who presented each one with a T-shirt and a gift bag. There after Lizette Mouton gave a talk on Organ Donation, what it is all about and why we should all consider being Organ Donors.

After a little difficulty in finding precisely the right place to be, I was attracted by many children milling excitedly around on the big field. On closer inspection, I realised I was finally in the right place. To mark the day, all the children were given T-shirts.

First off was the initiative of cleaning up the sports field. I explained to my group the importance of keeping the place clean. I also explained to them about the organ donor foundation and the wonderful work it does helping to save lives. The kids were a little confused by the instructions and all headed to the nearest bins to fill their bags with litter. We refocused them and in a short while, had bags full of rubbish to take to the bin yard nearby and a wonderful clean field.

Thereafter the children got water and some snacks to tide them over and the big walk began. As we walked along I took the time to tell them the names of the trees I could recognise, we found some beautiful fluffy seeds and smelled some flowers and watched as the bees buzzed around. We smelled the pine trees and ambled along chatting about school and their favourite classes.

We walked approximately 5 km’s and it was a pleasant walk. When we got back, the kids received lunch which was followed by Bryant who brought some waste eating earthworms to show the kids and all the kids were delighted to make an actual worm home for themselves to take their own pet worms home in. We stressed the importance of placing them back in the garden if the children didn’t want them anymore.

We had a lovely relaxing day and had a load of fun. 22 Bags of litter were picked up by the SOAPkidz, to leave another place cleaner for everone to enjoy.

Take part in the Organ Donor Walk

Event Invitation and Information

SOAPkidz have once again been invited by the Organ Donor Foundation to partake in their Organ Donor Walk the 27th of September 2008 at the LC de Villiers Stadium in Pretoria.

Since the preservation of nature is something that lies very dear to the heart of each and every person involved with SOAPkidz, we are determined to make this, another great success story for nature as well as the children involved.

50 Children from various children’s homes and places of safety will be invited to participate in the event. They will be divided into teams for a whole morning of excitement. Bryant Croukamp of Turtle Island is responsible for the environmental event and he is going to show the kids how to create their own Earthworm compost bins – re-using 2l plastic bottles.


07H30 – 08h00: Children and volunteers arrive and children are divided into teams
08h15 – 08h30: Interesting talk about Organ Donation
08h30 – 09h00: Children receive t-shirts
09h00 – 11h00: Walk and team building
11h00 – 11h30: Lunch
11h30 – 13h30: The worm factory. (Every child is going to create his own earthworm compost bin)

For this event, we will need a lot of hands, so please let us know as soon as possible, if we can count you in.


The SOAPkidz Team