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Pioneers Museum 6 Sept 2008 - Report Back


I am sure that each person reading this report will at some time or another have experienced tremendous feelings of frustration and helplessness whilst contemplating the serious crime situation in our country. Experts say that crime here is characterized by a total lack of feeling on the part of the perpetrators. Fortunately they also say that something can be done to alleviate this situation. They say that we must love the children and not allow a single one to fall through the cracks in society because a person that is valued and part of society is less capable of striking out at that which gives their life meaning. Certainly a new take on the crime situation for me and it also struck me that that is exactly what SOAPkidz is doing. We connect kids with nature and try and make each child feel special.

On Saturday at the Pioneer’s Museum SOAPkidz received a handsome dividend when we were treated to an amazing performance by 150 little warriors, all dressed in litter, singing and dancing to the SOAPkidz litter song. All of these children are from very poor areas and difficult circumstances yet it was so obvious through their behavior, dress and attitude that society had caught them, SOAPkidz had done its bit and we were all so proud of them on the day and will be proud of them in the future.

This story goes back a way. It starts with us partnering with the To Care Foundation that looks after forty-two preschools in the Makapanstad area. It continues with three workshops for the teachers and care givers during which SOAPkidz volunteers presented an environmental education program, taught skills and launched the “Litter Song” competition. It all culminated at the Pioneer’s Museum when the children and teachers gave back what we had given them but with an added dividend. The schools are now cooperating and been brought closer together by the SOAPkidz initiatives. The children were immaculately turned out and had obviously worked hard on their performance. And to top it all, none of this was asked for or expected.

All in all a lovely event and another success story for SOAPkidz. A special word of thanks must go to Pick n Pay Hyper Fairie Glen that provided lunch for the children and to the staff at the Pioneer’s Museum who opened their doors and hearts to our children. Not to mention the teachers, care givers, children, To Care Foundation and SOAPkidz volunteers. Thank you all very very much.


Event information - Toddlers outing

Date: 6 September 2008
Venue: Pioneer Museum, Pretoria
Time: 10h00 till 13h00
Contact person: Karen (Noeksie) 0839752700

As part of the prizes given to the school that gave the best musical performance using music instruments made by re-using, the Pioneer Museum are going to entertain 50 toddlers from two pre-schools on the 6th of September.

Transport will be provided by the To Care Foundation for the 150 toddlers from Hammanskraal.

Pick ‘n Pay Faerie Glen will, once again provide the little ones with something to eat and drink.
Thank you guys for your support.

The two schools will also get a chance to show off their musical talents by performing the SOAPkidz litter song.


A wee yeele yee lele mama (x2)
A re tope dipampiri (x2)
A re tope diplastiki (x2)
Modimo o refile bophelo(x2) Re tshwanetse re itlhomphe(x2)

Loosely translated: Respect yourself, respect what God gave us! Stop littering and have some fun.


Please contact Karen at 083 975 2700 or e-mail if you would like to come and have fun with us.

Turn off the N4 freeway to Witbank at Exit 3, or travel along Church street East and Pretoria Road, Silverton.

Your sense of humour.

Lunch and the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life?

About SOAPkidz

SOAPkidz has reached more than 5000 children since April 2005 during more than 60 events. As a non-profit organisation, we aim to create environmental awareness and promote nature conservation amongst underprivileged and previously disadvantaged children.

SOAPkidz is about children, environmental education, the outdoors and ultimately pure fun.

The organisation relies solely on donations and volunteer work and welcomes anybody willing to open their hearts and have some fun. Companies are also encouraged to sponsor any event or part thereof, from transport, fuel, food to providing employee volunteers or just good old cash.

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