Teachers Training Workshop I


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Our First Teachers Training Workshop - Hammanskraal

By Karen Hauptfleisch

The African Child day is only 5 month away, and because we really want to make a difference, I welcomed the opportunity to partake in the African Institute for Missiology Teacher’s training workshop in Hammanskraal. I was hoping to reach more children by installing awareness in their Teachers.

Last week, the frantic calls and e-mails started! We needed 6000 bank bags, we needed 2000 bottle tops, we needed 80 plastic bottles – the list was never ending. Some of us were caught looking in neighbor’s dustbins, and of course, there were the bottle tops – which made it “normal” to look in the restaurants bins as well. Francois did his bit and empty toilet rolls were delivered – by the hundreds!

Friends arrived at all times during the week offering their help and artistic skills – and when we went to bed Friday evening, a funky booklet (How to create 20 things with litter), 5 funky hats and loads of “rubbish” was ready to be delivered at Hammanskraal.

We had 4 different groups and after Dawn gave her impressive presentation about the litter lying around and how precious the teachers are, we got the teachers to each make a hat. The Rasta music borrowed from Donald had everyone dancing.

When the teachers left at 16h00, they were all wearing funky hats and were well equipped to teach their little ones to create beautiful things using litter.

For SOAPkidz, Pick ‘n Pay Faerie Glen and The African Institute of Missiology, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done before the African Child day in June. Two competitions have been launched – one to see what music instruments the schools can create using litter and the second is to see which school picks up the most litter. Any help whatsoever would therefore be appreciated.

Thanks to

  • Dawn (Phillip’s friend) who gave a stunning very professional presentation (I think some of you met her last weekend)
  • Phill – for helping with the arrangements, picking up litter and for trying to keep me focused
  • Elisabeth Nortier from Pick ‘n Pay Faerie Glen – for stepping in and making this a sustainable project
  • Joan from Pick ‘n Pay Faerie Glen – for translating and helping make this a fun event
  • Sharron Reynolds– for helping with the booklet and presenting us with some great ideas
  • Melissa, Tamzin and Denise – for coming over and helping to make the samples
  • Theo – for delivering the zip lock bags so promptly
  • Evelyn – for being Evelyn and always willing to assist

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