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Joint Fun and Developement Day With the CCC

Mainsheet - November 2007 Newsletter - Pretoria Sailing Club

The joint Development Day with the SOAPkidz was a really great success. We had 13 children come to visit us. They all went for a hike, a sail and all had a go in a canoe.

They joined us for lunch.Thank you to all who helped.

They also enjoyed a game drive through the reserve. Thank you to Riaan Marais, Reitvlie Nature Reserve.

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Ship Ahoy!!!!

SOAPkidz adventure seekers visit the Pretoria Sailing Club

By Cynthia Pillay

The 27th of October 2007 dawned a dull and dreary day in normally sunny South Africa but this did nothing to dampen the spirits of 12 girls from Danville because they knew that adventure and fun can be had despite the weather and so at 5am in the morning, they were already waiting for Noeksie (SOAPkidz director) to take them to the Sailing Club.

In true survivor spirit, they were given plastic bags, a pair of scissors and some sellotape and tasked to make themselves some raincoats. Their creations ranged from a sporty to a funky look, each girl putting her own unique brand on her design.

Thereafter, like pirates on a treasure hunt, they eagerly set off following clues along the way on a hike to find the hidden breakfast.

Once they were back at the Sailing club the girls decided that sailing and canoeing was definitely on the agenda even though it was quite chilly. Traditional orange life jackets were cast aside when Anne brought along some fashionable, striped life jackets proving that they were girls at heart.

Oh, look a crocodiiiiile!!! screamed Violet as the other girls stared in amazement. But the crocodile lost his moment of fame as the excitement of going on a sail boat mounted.

On the other side fears and anxieties turned into nerves of steel as all eyes focussed on Philip teaching them how to row the canoe. The girls sailed and rowed far out along the Rietvlei dam, enjoying the unique experience tremendously.

Then it was time for hot showers and huddling around the fireplace, whilst the Sailing Club prepared a scrumptious braai for lunch. The girls then staged a mini musical concert for the team from the Sailing club.

Soon the Game rangers arrived and took the girls on a one hour drive around the nature reserve, stopping along the way and teaching them about the animals and the birds. The naturally curious girls had many questions including wanting to know why the male species in the animal kingdom are so beautiful yet its not the same of the male species in the Human world. This of course set everyone off into a flurry of giggles. They even got to see a 2000 kg mummy white Rhino with her 70kg baby and zebras with brown and black stripes. Did I mention the graceful Springbokke which of course was compared to our winning Rugby team. Go Bokke go!

The trip ended back at the Sailing club, where the girls on an adventure high, convinced the skipper of the Blesbokke powerboat to take them on a trip around the dam. This was followed a herbology lesson from Sharon. She taught the girls all about the Yarrow plant and its medicinal properties. Each girl pot planted a yarrow plant and learnt how to make a tea from it. With less sugar of course, Sharon informed them because sugar is bad if you have the flu.

Then they made some bug spray whilst they nibbled on some dainty cakes which one of the members of sailing club sponsored.

Alas, the time arrived to bring down the masts and lower the anchors on a truly exciting day, but we all look forward with bated breath and beaming smiles to their next adventure.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to everyone at the Sailing club who helped to create such a special and unforgettable experience for these kids. Thank you to all the SOAPkidz volunteers for their time and energy and of course to the girls who taught us that no matter what your circumstances there is so much to learn and find joy in.

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