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SOAPKidz get some great ideas from the North West Parks and Tourism Board

By Dawn Zimmerman

During the weekend of 22 September 2007 Karen, Phillip and Dawn from the Pretoria group made a sortee of sorts into the bush area of Mafikeng to join an environmental education camping weekend with the North West Parks & Tourism Board on a unique and private game reserve which has museum status.

The camp was directed at the kids but was unique in that the adults were invited to watch the kids, so the adults got a well-deserved break while watching the kids rushing from place to place covered in camo paint, paintball paint and quite a lot of mud too. It wasn't all fun and relaxation, in order to fulfill the purpose of being there, we Soapkidzers also took some notes and photos of the activities and the planning of the weekend, did some brainstorming for our own activities and took part in a lot of the activities which included an obstacle course, raft building, paint ball wars, stalk the lantern and a wonderful walk to the Molemane oog to drink spring fresh water from natural pristine spring.

The children got a chance to fish in the beautiful dam also filled from the Molemane oog and the weekend ended on Sunday night with a social communal potjie kos hosted by Rusty and his wonderful spouse.

On Monday it was time for the tidy and pack-up and prize-giving. We picked up loads of ideas and will certainly share them with all during the next couple of events.

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