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Energy Projects

Fun and easy projects and experiments to learn about energy.


  1. Hot, hotter, hottest
  2. Heat Sheet
  3. Peanut Power
  4. Battery Life A Science Experiment
  5. Electromagnet
  6. Lemon Power
  7. Light by Friction
  8. Make your own Lightning!
  9. Electricity: Open and Short Circuits
  10. Making a Rheostat!
  11. Geothermal Power Plant Model
  12. Hydro Power I
  13. H2O Electrolysis
  14. Steamboat Power
  15. Make a Turbine
  16. Hydro power II
  17. Nuclear Chain Reaction!
  18. Plants help keep a House Cool!
  19. Heat Produced from Light Bulbs
  20. Insulation
  21. Meet the Sun
  22. Solar Hot Dog Cooker
  23. Hot enough to Fry an Egg?
  24. Air Power for Transportation
  25. Building a Wind Gauge
  26. Make an Anemometer!
  27. Greenhouse Effect
  28. Make a Thermometer
  29. Acknowledgement


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