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Things to make with Litter

Toys, gifts, musical instruments and many more fun and easy activities!


  1. Introduction
  2. Re-Use
  3. Crazy Hat
  4. Grow your own corn
  5. Shaker Bottles
  6. Bags
  7. Cell phones
  8. Treasure bottle
  9. Pencil Holder
  10. Mobile
  11. Suncatcher
  12. Fish
  13. Musical Marakas
  14. Pencil Holder
  15. Binoculars
  16. Bird Feeders
  17. Numbers Game
  18. Animal Charade
  19. Can-Cans
  20. Bonko
  21. Dream catcher
  22. Tambourine
  23. Snake
  24. Making Paper
  25. Acknowledgement


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